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Thoughts, fresh and piping hot, straight from the ENIGMA Team

What's happening now

/ Josh @ Dreamland / 8 comments / September 13, 2010

Since I put out that zip file to test who can install ENIGMA, I've been getting feedback from all angles. Basically, a couple serious issues were corrected or are being corrected, in the order they likely surfaced: 1. ENIGMA.exe could not recognize the Program Files directory on foreign (Non-English) Windows systems. This meant that it simply couldn't find Java to run it for the user. S... read more


/ Josh @ Dreamland / 69 comments / September 08, 2010

It's been a long road. So much has come and gone, and even just changed slightly, since the release of R3 near the end of 2008. R3, as most of you know, was basically a proof-of-concept. It demonstrated that with a little effort, it is possible to take something like Game Maker and compile it for a number of advantages. Since then, ENIGMA's philosophy has changed by leaps and bounds. What started... read more

Mini Progress Feed

/ Josh @ Dreamland / 13 comments / August 28, 2010

They say coordinating programmers is like herding cats. Well, if herding cats is this disinteresting, I believe them. Anyway, I have truly no idea where everybody is. I swear LGM still isn't rebuilding ENIGMA for me on Linux. I think Retro's done with his packages, and I think they only contain the essentials now, but I'm not certain. Last I heard he was uploading them at 80k... read more

Where do we stand?

/ Josh @ Dreamland / 17 comments / August 23, 2010

I decided to implement backgrounds in the meantime, and dazappa has kept me busy with a number of interesting bug reports (the worst of which I have just worked out). I am not sure what is in the update-stable/ tag, but fixing it to actually work out of the box on at least Windows and Linux is priority one. Ism has made great progress on the updater. From what I can tell it is... read more