Extension system still grossly underpowered

Reporter: JoshDreamland  |  Status: open  |  Last Modified: September 07, 2016, 11:00:50 PM
I guess I remember fixing the problem with component casting, but not the problem where the extension system just has no power to add events and shit. I think I was put off by the fact that LGM would never accommodate a better system. No matter; a lot of this can be done to improve the engine regardless of whether the IDE ever supports full extension integration.

This is a tracking bug that I am going to be adding to at least one TODO.

Here's some stuff we may need:

  1. Ability to define local variable update subroutines
  2. Ability to access keybinding mappings
  3. Resource loading hooks
    • Ability to add audio codecs, image formats, etc
  4. Ability to add actual events, rather than just implement events the IDE supports
  5. <
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