Window Resizes when it shouldn't. [u524]

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My window styler extension which is available here:

When I click and drag the window by the titlebar the window automatically will resize to a slightly wrong resolution.

For example, I run the test project, the window created a 640x480 client area which is correct, but when I drag the window by the titlebar it will resize to 640x484. This doesn't happen when using the same code compiled with GMStudio. This only happens with ENIGMA.

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@tkg, I am sorry but I am currently unable to reproduce this issue. I tested specifically your window styler extension and built the EGM, I also added code to draw the dimensions and it does not appear to change when I drag the window by the title bar.

Unable to Reproduce

This could actually be because you are out of date with master, I recently fixed all of our default window flags and tested to make sure they all behave as GM8.1 (which they now do) and one of the old flags we were setting (I believe WS_EX_APPWINDOW) or something like that also produced something similar to what you mention. So please do another git fetch/git pull from master and let me know if the issue is resolved.

This commit was 823df03


Sorry for the tags I don't know why I did that. Robert I did as you said and till same issues. :/


@tkg, then you are going to have to give me some more exact details about how I can replicate it. I am trying exactly what you described, I also tried all the different GGS such as allow resize and stuff, and I still could not replicate it.

  1. Additionally try downloading the new Portable ZIP, maybe for some odd reason you aren't pulling correctly.
  2. How do you know the window client size is changing? The client size includes the window border GetClientRect gives you the size without the border, GetWindowRect gives you the size with the border. window_get_width() in ENIGMA uses GetClientRect and I am drawing it to the screen, can you please try the same on your end?
  3. What OS are you running on? As you can see I am on Windows 8.1


@tkg again, I believe this issue has been resolved because you only just recently fetched from master and the borders were fixed because I told you that you kept pulling wrong. This should not be an issue in the latest master.


Ok after reviewing this issue further with TKG on Facebook I know the bug is an inconsistency between Windows 8 and Windows 7

It can be tested in the executable for TKG's styler extension. TKG has not tested his extension for Studio on Windows 8, however Windows 8 for ENIGMA shows no bugs.


This is super stale and seems to be the fault of windows not enigma
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