Incorrect way of getting the target Steam Leaderboards

Reporter: k0T0z  |  Status: open  |  Last Modified: November 15, 2023, 12:00:04 am

Regarding the leaderboard API, when you call functions like steam_upload_score(), the function starts to find the leaderboard at first as in line 233

steamworks_gc::GCMain::get_gameclient()->get_gc_leaderboards()->find_leaderboard(find_id, lb_name);

This is incorrect as the first call for this function will be useless and will fail because at first there is no leaderboard handle stored (this check

if (GCLeaderboards::current_leaderboard_ == INVALID_LEADERBOARD) return false;
will exit the function).

The first call to steam_upload_score() will fail because find_leaderboard() won't return any leaderboard, instead, it will invoke a callback that will fetch the leaderboard asynchronously. This means as long as that callback isn't here, we won't get any leaderboards, and steam_upload_score() will keep failing.

This is the case for all of these functions:

  • steam_upload_score_ext()
  • steam_download_scores()
  • steam_download_scores_around_user()
  • steam_download_friends_scores()

As ENIGMA is single-threaded, I would like to handle this in a way such that, those functions will succeed on their first call.

A possible solution to this is to call the above functions from the callback itself as we do here. In this utils directory, we attach a payload to our callbacks in order to use it when the callback is here. You can do the same by attaching a payload containing the leaderboard name and the type of function to call.

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