Incorrect way of enabling stub extensions

Reporter: k0T0z  |  Status: open  |  Last Modified: November 11, 2023, 03:00:13 pm

Currently, when you need to enable a stub for an extension, you will have to create a separate code for it inside the Engine makefile like here:

# If DataStructures extension not enabled, enable DataStructures stub.
ifeq (,$(findstring Universal_System/Extensions/DataStructures, $(EXTENSIONS)))
include Universal_System/StubExtensions/DataStructures/Makefile

and here:

# If Steamworks extension not enabled, enable Steamworks stub.
# Else build the fake library.
ifeq (,$(findstring Universal_System/Extensions/Steamworks, $(EXTENSIONS)))
include Universal_System/StubExtensions/Steamworks/Makefile
compile_game: $(STEAM_FAKE_LIB)
clean: steam_clean

This is incorrect and unnecessary, I would like to loop over all the extensions and enable its stub if the extension is disabled and the stub exists.

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