``json_encode()`` needs recursive algorithm

Reporter: k0T0z  |  Status: open  |  Last Modified: October 01, 2023, 05:06:39 pm
We need to create DS accessors for detecting the type of DS, is it a ds_map or ds_list.

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Fixed this issue the right way #2339


Is this still needed for #2350?

> Is this still needed for #2350?

This is needed in general, currently, the Steamworks extension doesn't have recursive DS maps, they are all in one level, so need for it for now.

Also, as I said we need this in general for ENIGMA.

Ok, is it not done then? Why is it still in draft? Does steamworks pr at least compile without this?

Need more context so I can tell if I should merge this.

@RobertBColton We talked about this before:
R0bert — 19/08/2023 19:19

this is where data structure accessors come in
GML has a special syntax for it but we never added it
Josh doesn't know how to support them

My PR works fine without this, yeah and actually there is no crash even if we did resolve this. This is because instead of printing he nested JSON, we print its id, which is not correct. This is where this PR comes in and solves this issue but after discussing this with you, it seems like there must be compiler changes to resolve it, so it's a draft and I don't have any idea when this will be ready.

Ok, that's fine, thanks!
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