GSoC Project: My Idea

Reporter: aaryahjolia  |  Status: open  |  Last Modified: February 25, 2023, 12:16:18 pm
Summarize your idea, here. What are we implementing? What's cool about it?

The people like me who wants to know more about the product when opens the website.

I would like to refactor the entire UI of the main website so that it follows the standards and be modern looking with a cool UI. I plan to implement the design first using any editing tool like figma and then code the website in reactJS to maintain single page application throughout the website. Overall, I think it should be Large project (350 hours).


Hlw I am Utkarsh Kumar 3rd year BTech engg from (IIT Kharagpur).
(I want to contribute in GSOC2023 in RadialGM QT framework I also Work in QTFY Designer GNU I have good idea about QT framework The thing i want do is mport an existing project or create one from scratch – Qt Creator generates all the necessary files. Support for CMake and cross-compiling with CMake or qmake build tools is included. )
please provide me some important file so i learn and give my best contribution in this project.

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