emake doesn't show error finding input file

Reporter: HitCoder9768  |  Status: closed  |  Last Modified: March 12, 2023, 03:54:23 pm

Describe the bug

when running emake in the command line to build a game that it can't find, it doesn't output an error unless environment variable ENIGMA_DEBUG=TRUE is parsed. The default output is as follows:

[hitcoder@hitcoder-endeavour Documents]$ emake enigma-tetris.gmk -o ./tetris
LibEGM parsing log at: /tmp/enigma_libegm.log
ENIGMA compiler log at: /tmp/enigma_compiler.log
Linking up to IDE
Implementing JDI basics

Choosing language: C++
 > Normal
 > Stacked
 > Specialized
 > TriggerOnce
 > TriggerAll
 > Inline
Creating parse context
 > Normal
 > Stacked
 > Specialized
 > TriggerOnce
 > TriggerAll
 > Inline

when running with the aforementioned env-var the end of the output prints the following

File: enigma-tetris.gmk does not exists

This should most likely be an important piece of output that should not be filtered.

Steps To Reproduce

run emake and supply it a path to a nonexistent game file

Expected behavior

the compiler should state that it could not find the specified file or that it does not exist (as shown above)

Game files & Screenshots

The game used in the example was the Tetris example uploaded by hugar/hpg678

ENIGMA Configuration:

  • Endeavour OS (Arch Linux) LINUX510 Kernel

kindly assign this issue to me.

> kindly assign this issue to me.

No one is actively working on it. Feel free to make a pull request.

@fundies assign this to me
> @fundies assign this to me

We do not assign bugs. If you wish to fix it just send a pull request. And if you need help message me on discord.

ok @fundies
@Adityasaini10012001 are working on this issue?
Hiii... I would like to work on this issue as well. I guess the comments here are stale and currently no one's working on it. If anyone is working on this already I'll be happy to help..
@fundies if this issue is still unsolved, I would like to make a pull request and would like to solve the issue. Thank You.
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