Improve the build system

Reporter: fundies  |  Status: open  |  Last Modified: February 07, 2023, 03:52:09 am

The current build system works but could use many quality of life improvements.

  • GNU Make but it is particularity familiar with various compilers and environments.
  • We have no packaging methods written for games. Dependencies must manually be copied.
  • Systems are not and cannot be pre-built.
  • Systems are not interchangeable at runtime or launch.

To fix these issues, I believe a total rewrite of the build system in CMake would be ideal. CMake offers conversions to most build systems and CPack can create distributable exes and installers for various operating systems.


  • This will improve users quality of of life when time comes to distribute their games.
  • It will allow dynamic replacement of the engine without the need to ship a entire rebuild of the game.
  • It will make working with other compilers such as MSVC easier.


  1. Replacement of the GNU Make System on your OS
    1. Understand the current GNU Make system's organization.
    2. Reorganize it to build systems as modules.
    3. Write CMakeLists for the engine and various systems.
    4. Generalize they compiler yaml files to call more generic build commands. (pre-parse, pre-build, build, package, etc)
    5. Add support to ENIGMA's compiler for this change in yaml format.
  2. Work out any new build system bugs in the CI and other OSes you don't primarily develop on.
  3. Add packaging routines.
  4. Add support for interchanging systems at launch.
  5. Add / refine releases of enigma with pre-built systems.

Mentors: Josh, Greg
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Expected size: 175h
Skills required: C++ fundamentals, build system fundamentals
Skills preferred: Experience with GNU Make and CMake

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