Let Win32 EXE run from paths w/ foreign characters

Reporter: time-killer-games  |  Status: open  |  Last Modified: September 17, 2020, 12:38:11 PM

"Resource load fail: exe unopenable" error will be thrown if your exe has a file name or absolute path it is inside of containing non-English characters such as Cyrillic.

This pr will fix that when it's done.

The code in its current start throws an error at this line:
DEBUG_MESSAGE("No resource data in exe", MESSAGE_TYPE::M_ERROR);

@JoshDreamland @RobertBColton @fundies any idea why?


Just fyi. I don't get ping or notifications from you while. I'm blocked. Also do we need this widen/shorten crap still. Can't std::filesystem handle this yet?

we do unfortunately, in the amount of time we could spend adding the c++17 implementation it should already be removed in favor of c++20. Where as with the Win32 shorten/widen will never go stale based on microsoft's track record and the fact they dont openly say they plan to depreciate it any time soon (if ever).
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