Some of the mouse events are not behaving correctly

Reporter: TheOuterLinux  |  Status: open  |  Last Modified: September 07, 2020, 06:40:26 AM

Describe the bug

This is regarding the noob-friendly mouse events and not a script within a step event. The left and right mouse release need to be switched. Mouse wheel up and down behave in a global-like way instead of when the mouse is on top of the object, and global left and right both essentially behave as an "any click."

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Create sprite
  2. Create object that uses sprite
  3. Add a left or right mouse release event, mouse wheel up or down event, or global left and right release event
  4. Add a script to one of the mouse events that does something like "instance_destroy()"
  5. Add a few of those objects to a room
  6. Run
  7. Click on the objects with left or right mouse or use the scroll wheel depending on which you chose

Expected behavior

The left and right release events need to be switched as the behave backwards. Right-release clicking an object is destroying it when left-release click should be and visa versa.

The mouse wheel up and down act globally, but I'm not exactly sure if that is what is supposed to happen or if only do what is in the event if the mouse is on top of the object. Right now, all objects are destroyed when moving the mouse wheel, whether or not the mouse is on top.

The global left and right release behave the same. In other words, if I want all the objects to destroy on "global left release," they will regardless of a left or right release and the same goes with "global right release," as if both were treated as an "any click release."

ENIGMA Configuration:

  • Linux
  • Tried on both X11 and SDL as well as all available OpenGL versions.
  • <
i've been able to re-produced this bug on my Opensuse laptop.. It pertains to all the 'mouse_[button]_released' events.

confirmed that this has happen also on my Linux Mint machine as well.


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