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Reporter: JoshDreamland  |  Status: open  |  Last Modified: August 03, 2020, 09:19:27 AM

Reworks the entirety of the event system, redoing some or all logic for event parsing, event generation, event triggering, inheritance, etc.

This brings a few key advantages:

  1. More event types. We are no longer bound by events supported by LateralGM, or any other toolkit.
  2. Dynamic event description. It allows us name events whatever we like, and parameterize them with as many arguments as we need.
    • Joystick events can now accept a joystick number parameter AND a button/axis number.
    • Alarm events are no longer limited in number to the 16 or whatever that Mark squeezed in.
    • We don't have to keep making up strange values for new "special" events.
  3. EGM Support. Dynamic naming is part of this retooling. This means filenames in EGM can be Collision[obj_wall].edl. This unblocks EGM support.

This comes with great risk:

  1. Build errors. Some variable or event declarations may be emitted twice.
  2. Link errors. Some event declarations may not have their body emitted, leading to a link error.
  3. Behavioral regressions. There may be quirks of object inheritance we don't currently have tests for. We may not notice these during manual QA testing.

We will test this on our CI and on various user games before merging. This is not a guarantee, but should mitigate noticeable regressions. If you have a game to test these changes against, please clone this branch and test them when the CI is green.


The topology of parsed entity storage has been greatly reworked.

  • Parameterized event types are now more specific.
    • SYSTEM is no longer an event type specification. It has been replaced by two others:
      1. TriggerOnce if no iteration support is required (e.g. Create events),
      2. TriggerAll if a list of them is to be maintained for iteration.
    • SPECIAL is now SPECIALIZED, and actually works for parameterized events.
      • Prior to this refactor, SPECIAL just meant that different values of an event's ID meant entirely different behaviors (look at ev_other: ev_outside and ev_game_start have nothing in common).
      • After this refactor, each special event from before now gets its own name, and a separate mapping connects those names to their ID pairs.
      • After this refactor, SPECIALIZED means that each different parameter combination gets a dedicated iteration loop. This reduces the number of virtual method calls to check keys that haven't been pressed.
  • There is no longer a robertvec or robertmap. Proper event indexing structs have been introduced as part of object storage.
  • ParsedScope has been introduced. Tooling in the compiler requests the ParsedScope *egm_global rather than parsed_object*.
  • parsed_script is no longer a parsed_event. Instead, both of these inherit ParsedCode, which points to a ParsedScope.
    • parsed_script has been renamed to ParseScript, as adopting the new style rules is a good way of indicating a recent revisit.
  • parsed_room no longer pretends to be a parsed_object.
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@JoshDreamland I've fixed the CI for you again. However, I noticed when running gm2egm you aren't writing the EDL to the .edl files and instead putting them in properties.yaml. I believe we fixed this before in one of our 50 branches / PRs but I could be mistaken. We should probably add a gm2egm diffing test as well as a basic EGM read test like we have for the other gmk formats. It should be as simple as converting and adding it as an egm to the same folder.

@JoshDreamland I've fixed egm writing by shuffling some code. Please check my latest commit when you got a chance.
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