Keyboard Direct Logical Keys

Reporter: RobertBColton  |  Status: open  |  Last Modified: June 30, 2020, 02:23:25 PM
I felt bad about removing some extra functionality in #2060 I had provided in the keyboard direct functions before, so I decided to show that it could still be done. I created this pull request to demonstrate the absurdity of their meaning in this context.

Since the direct keyboard state can only be checked below the interrupt level it is possible that while checking the state of any key any of the other keys could have already been pressed and released, but we would never know. This is why I am not even really sure the original purpose of these functions in GM to begin, unless Mark Overmars really did just want people to create keyloggers and viruses with Game Maker back in the day.

NOTE: No rational person would ever merge this pull request.

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