Requesting help: Trying to combine enigma-dev w/ win32_utf8 wrapper.

Reporter: Amaroq-Clearwater  |  Status: open  |  Last Modified: April 29, 2020, 04:19:31 pm

I'm sorry for not posting this on the forum, but I forgot my password on there and the password reset email is taking forever to send. (Turns out my account was registered three years ago, which I don't even remember doing.)

I recently downloaded the repository for building enigma-dev, and I wanted to try combining it with the repository that I found here:

However, I'm not entirely sure where to actually start; combining two different repositories is a lot more difficult than compiling one without changes. Could I have some help?

Once I've regained access to my forum account, I'll move this post there instead. Until then, this will have to do.

dir="auto">ya I told @JoshDreamland the forum password reset was broken a while ago but he never investigated. Here's a temporary invite to the discord . Samuel Vennable has done some work to add utf8 support but I'm not sure what the current status is.

I'm going to ask Josh about this. Sounds like unnecessary bloat, but definitely will save us a lot of time, so in that sense it is probably a very significant help.

It's actually designed to be a drop-in replacement for stdio.h, so it shouldn't add much in the way of bloat.

It'd be neat to see something like that but that was more easily hookable. As in, worked similar to apitrace and just augmented all the Win32 calls.
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