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Reporter: JoshDreamland  |  Status: open  |  Last Modified: March 31, 2020, 02:23:22 PM

Plugs in a new YAML-based event system fundies and I have been working on.
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- Misses      12617    12619       +2
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ENIGMAsystem/SHELL/Platforms/General/PFwindow.h 100% <ø> (ø) ⬆️
ENIGMAsystem/SHELL/Platforms/General/PFwindow.cpp 36.84% <100%> (ø) ⬆️
ENIGMAsystem/SHELL/Platforms/xlib/XLIBmain.cpp 37.03% <100%> (+2.42%) ⬆️
...GMAsystem/SHELL/Platforms/xlib/XDisplayGetters.cpp 96.29% <96.29%> (ø)

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my vm puts -fPIC idk why it dont here. try adding -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="-fPIC" to the cmake cmd

Can close this pr as its gone stale until 2025

Why is fundies saying to close this while Josh is telling me to test it?

Managed to reproduce this using the FPS example:

In file included from �[01m�[KSHELLmain.cpp:105�[m�[K:
�[01m�[KC:/Users/Owner/AppData/Local/ENIGMA/Preprocessor_Environment_Editable/IDE_EDIT_objectfunctionality.h:�[m�[K In member function '�[01m�[Kvirtual bool enigma::OBJ_obj_player::myevent_nomorehealth_subcheck()�[m�[K':
�[01m�[KC:/Users/Owner/AppData/Local/ENIGMA/Preprocessor_Environment_Editable/IDE_EDIT_objectfunctionality.h:459:10:�[m�[K �[01;31m�[Kerror: �[m�[K'�[01m�[Kout_of_health�[m�[K' was not declared in this scope; did you mean '�[01m�[K$out_of_health�[m�[K'?
  459 |   return �[01;31m�[Kout_of_health�[m�[K && !OoH;
      |          �[01;31m�[K^~~~~~~~~~~~~�[m�[K
      |          �[32m�[K$out_of_health�[m�[K
make[1]: *** [Makefile:177: C:/Users/Owner/AppData/Local/ENIGMA/.eobjs/Windows/Windows/Mingw_GCC_G++/Run/SHELLmain.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/c/Users/Owner/Documents/Projects/enigma-dev/ENIGMAsystem/SHELL'
make: *** [Makefile:22: Game] Error 2


tested it on system running Manjaro 64bit. LGM crashed and exited when trying to run an empty game. sent details and 'pastebin' texts on discord server in #troubleshooting.

I am not able to reproduce what Hugar is reporting with an empty game over here on WIndows 10.

Please see my complaints in the official topic and actually address these issues before merging this atrocity. kthx

this pr must die @JoshDreamland

I have closed out #1479 as it seems this pull request supersedes it. I was trying to see how GMX/GMK are still working with this as it seems you haven't changed their source at all. I would appreciate clarification on that. Finally, keep an eye out for any other differences between this and my original pull request.
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