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It seems 8 years ago polygonz (7a00fb0) implemented show_debug_message in the regular terminal I/O instead of the Widget Systems. Need to test GM8.1 and GMSv1.4 to see what the behavior is. User reported that ENIGMA's only shows the message in debug mode, while GMSv1.4 will show it in run and debug mode.
Alright, so I tested GM8.1 and it seems the debug message is only shown in debug mode. You have to go to the debug window and select the menu to show debug messages. It doesn't show up in run mode or compile mode. I launched the compile mode exe inside a terminal and didn't see any output.

Download GM81 Exe:

This means ENIGMA's version of show_debug_message seems to be based on GM8.1. We only show it in debug mode, and since we have no debug window, we just print it to the terminal.


Alright, so I went and tested GMSv1.4 and it seems the debug message is just a tad different. The menu in the debug mode window is gone, so instead they printed it to the GMS output window inside the IDE. They will print it in debug and run mode. The compile mode seems to behave the same as GM8.1 and the debug message is not shown.

Download GMSv1.4 Exe:


So, to summarize the ENIGMA differences.

  • GMSv1.4 shows debug messages in run and compile mode, ENIGMA/GM8.1 only shows in debug mode.
  • GMSv1.4/GM8.1 use a special output window, ENIGMA uses the terminal also like GMSv1.4.

I don't see a valid reason to change the behavior in either of these cases, so I don't know if we'll actually do anything. Though it would be nice to send the debug messages to the compiler output window like GMSv1.4.


FYI, if you build an executable and run it from the terminal, you can see the debug messages (GMS1.4).

Really? I can't seem to get it to do that here. See the "" I posted above? Yeah, I launch it in CMD and I don't get the debug message.

Oh, if I extract the compiled exe though and launch the executable inside, I do see it.
GMSv1.4 Extracted Exe Debug Messages


What's the point of this now? Since nothing is going to change, I guess this issue can be closed now?

No, I said it would maybe be nice to let it go to the output window in RGM or LGM. Letting it open for people to say what they want or think.

I think letting it go to the output window of the IDE is a good idea.
I believe having it like GMS1.4 (showing messages on normal mode and debug mode) is the way to go.
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