Travis/Ubuntu 14 Have Outdated GLM

Reporter: RobertBColton  |  Status: open  |  Last Modified: December 16, 2018, 12:33:43 AM
As discovered in #1454, Ubuntu 14 has GLM 0.9.5 which apparently did not have support for left handed coordinates. This causes the test harness to render games inverted on the z-axis, and effectively makes the depth comparison test I added useless.

Hugar has GLM 0.9.7 on his distro which also complains about me defining GLM_LEFT_HANDED which was for GLM 0.9.6. I do define GLM_FORCE_LEFT_HANDED but somebody made a mistake over there making the old one error for Hugar's version only instead of just a warning. My version does not error if I define both and mine is newer than Hugar's. I have GLM 0.9.9 in my MSYS2 setup of enigma-dev.

Travis GLM 0.9.5 Renders With Right-Handed Coordinate System

Travis GLM Right Handed

Local MSYS2 GLM 0.9.9 Renders Correctly With Left-Handed Coordinate System

Local GLM Left Handed

GameMaker: Studio v1.4 Reference

GMS v1.4 Reference

GameMaker 8 Reference

GM8 Reference

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