Cannot run emake.exe without MSYS2 environment

Reporter: LiarOnce  |  Status: open  |  Last Modified: November 11, 2018, 03:59:05 AM

I tried to run directly in an environment without MSYS2, but without success, I got a 0xc000007b error code.What's missing is it?

It works fine in MSYS2

That is correct and intentional, it is dynamically linking to boost. I've been a bit slow this week due to a death in the family, my apologies.

I was last working on a commit to static link everything for emake on Windows, but that's proving to be more difficult because I guess the MSYS2 protobuf and grpc packages don't come with a static build. If you really need a static emake, building it with Microsoft's VCPKG, like the RGM repo does, is a viable alternative.

Thanks to fundies, all of the front end parts now support Cmake & MSVC, just not the actual engine yet. Later the engine too can be made to support Cmake as well as MSVC, but we're focusing on more important things first.

I will update this here if I discover anything when I get back to that, working on an RGM commit now. The reason I am trying to make emake static is so that it's easier to install RGM when we do the beta, but we also have some other plans too that I am not discussing just yet.


Thanks a lot.
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