Leave "Start in fullscreen" unticked to see this bug in action. You will need "Allow player to resize game window" ticked in Global Game Settings. Basically, if you try to resize the window by dragging the window border with the mouse, it doesn't scale right when you have "Scaling" set to either "Keep Aspect Ratio" or "Full Scale". In fact, it doesn't scale at all unless you have "start in fullscreen" ticked. When you don't have it fullscreen, and you try to resize the game window by the window border, the window itself resizes fine, but the actual game in the client area stays the same size, leaving a black letterbox around the game if the width/height is bigger than a fixed scale of 100%, or if smaller, the game window crops parts of the actual game out, leaving the game's content still at a 100% fixed scale.

Those bugs only happen for "Keep Aspect Ratio" and "Full Scale". Now, as for "Fixed Scale (in %)", if the percent is less than 100%, the game window stays at 100%, and only the actual game contents is scaled down to under 100, leaving a black letter box on all four sides. The game window itself should scale down to that lower percent like the game contents are. Also, if you set the "Scaling" to "Fixed Scale (in %)", the GM behavior is that the game window can't be resized under the specified percent. i.e. if you have the fixed scale set to 100 and try to resize the game by dragging the window border with the mouse anywhere below 100%, it won't let you go below that size. hence, being called a "fixed size". You can resize the window above that size and the game produce a letterbox, in this case that's how GM does it, but the only thing you can't do is go BELOW the specified size in percent.

Like the Windows bug report, scaling works how it should when fullscreen, and these things are only an issue in windowed mode with a resizeable window.

duplicate #1069

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