Declared directory_destroy() / _rename() / _copy()

Reporter: time-killer-games  |  Status: open  |  Last Modified: September 28, 2017, 03:57:02 PM

This commit is for completing the changes I made to WINDOWSfilemanip.cpp
This is perfect, but you have to go and update all the *.cpp files so that it says directory_destroy too. You don't really have to test it, but just go into the Mac, Windows, and Linux source files and make sure the name is updated or else there will be an error if you try to use it.

@RobertBColton Thanks man! How do I do that without making a new pull request? i.e. append it to an existing one? I know how to do that if I'm editing the same file, but not if the file I'm editing is different from the ones in existing pull requests.

Did you make these changes through GitHub or did you use "git clone" to clone your fork to the desktop?

What you do is fork it to your account on here. Use a git command line to "git clone http/url/for/your/fork" to the desktop or some folder you keep your projects. You make your changes then use git add and then git commit to create a commit. You can create as many commits locally on your computer as you want. When you get everything to where you want, you use git push to send those commits up to your fork on GitHub then you initiate a pull request from your fork to the main repo. Since you already have a PR here where we are talking, I assume you already did this or made the changes on GitHub. To add more changes you just make more commits, meaning you just repeat the same process and push the changes or keep editing your repo on GitHub and it will automatically append them to this PR.

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