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CLipBuddy is a free clipboard management tool designed to allow you to copy multiple items, and iterate through them with ease.

This tool is especially useful with programming, as it offers many different uses for its simpler major functions.

For example, you can...

Things you copy are immediately saved to your hard drive in a fast-access format for later recall. Even if your computer shuts down, you can get the last item you copied.

Unlike others of its sort, CLipBuddy (in addition to being totally free) will save any kind of data on the clipboard, not just text or images. Take, for example, autoshapes in Microsoft Word ®.

Though most clipBoard tools wouldn't copy anything but text or image, CLipBuddy copies it all, and correctly restores it to the clipboard for later.

CLipBuddy can also remember which files you have copied, but BE CAREFUL: when you copy a file, Windows only places the file's location on the clipboard, not the entire file itself. So if you delete the file, trying to paste it back will make only make Windows throw a File not Found error.

Despite how useful CLipBuddy is, please keep in mind that this was developed as a side project to practice for ENIGMA.

That said, I may or may not offer much support or updates on this project. It all depends on the feedback I get.

There are many features I haven't named here, but I'd like to let users discover them on their own. I may upload docs at some point. The project is open source, os I am hoping I can depend on others to help me out.

You can download any version of CLipBuddy From its sourceforge file list, or alternatively, from this mirror.

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

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