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Posted on: September 13, 2012, 10:49:04 am

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LateralGM offers a script editor in ENIGMA settings which allows the user to specify C++ definitions. The issue is, there's only one instance, and it only supports C++. Later on, when ENIGMA supports other languages as the back end (which so far we only plan to be JavaScript), we will want another such resource. If this becomes a big part of ENIGMA, it may be frugal to offer definitions as a tabbed script resource which allows specifying definitions in each language. So one Definitions resource can contain a script full of C++, a script full of JavaScript, etc.

When you save a definitions script, a reparse will be run, and the definitions will become available to you from within EDL. It would be possible to export the definitions resource, and it would be saved with the EGM (as the existing definitions script is now).
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