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Author Topic: (Solved)ENIGMA Shell crashes on Win 7 64-bit  (Read 4916 times)
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Reply #15 Posted on: July 19, 2012, 12:06:28 AM

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For future reference of anyone else affected by this sort of issue:

Aergis was having trouble with the Radeon card described above while playing Skyrim, and so installed a third-party driver set to patch the issue. This patch knocked out all GL-based applications, including Blender and ENIGMA.

I encouraged Aergis to install the latest version of AMD's driver for the card, as it will likely fix both issues.

If you have this problem and have not tinkered with your graphics, post a new thread.
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I'd also like to mention that I have somewhat recently ensured that both examples (Catch the Clown and Maze) are up-to-date, and I do test Enigma on Win7 64 bit periodically, including just last week (it worked great, and both examples ran fine).
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Reply #17 Posted on: July 19, 2012, 11:35:16 AM
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ok I got everything working and here's how:

I uninstalled my device driver through the control panel->uninstall programs list
I installed the most updated official driver and Enigma and Blener worked
however, half of the graphic glitches I had before while playing Skyrim with the official driver came back
before a glitch would stretch the meshes of trees across the land but that is fixed now
before it would also show noticable ugly seams all down the sides of the human body models and the body textures were an unnaturally low quality and that is still a problem
so what I did is I uninstalled the Device Driver through the uninstall programs list
then I downloaded the latest unofficial driver from DoNotArgue: DNA-AMD Fusion 1.0 – 64bit Test Version
this version doesn't tweak OpenGL and it again fixed the body model and texture glitches I was getting in Skyrim from the official driver
Also Blender and the Enigma Shell work now too
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Its weird that ATI publishes broken official drivers that glitches for such a high profile game.
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