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Author Topic: LGM standalone game not running!  (Read 3358 times)
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Reply #15 Posted on: May 17, 2012, 10:39:40 PM

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I would recommend sticking with GM (or whatever else you're using) for the time being, then.
Enigma is still undergoing heavy development at this time.

It can't hurt too much to install Enigma (via the Git process) and try it out, but I would *not* depend on Enigma. Many functions are still unimplemented (although this list is rapidly shrinking).
We have no web port planned for the very near future - the closest we have is the ability to embed executables in the browser using some third party exe embedder (Anyone know which one can do it? Is it Gmbed?)
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ENIGMA currently only has C++ port, and as one, can't run natively in a browser like HTML or Flash. HTML5 for ENIGMA was briefly in development, but it made no real progress and stopped so the developer could concentrate on the main project.
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