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Author Topic: Compiled Code in GM9  (Read 1597 times)
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Posted on: October 25, 2011, 03:45:50 PM

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Quote from: rwkay
script_execute was not removed - it was overlooked that is all, we are only deprecating anything that requires a GML compiler/interpreter to run on the target (i.e. execute_string or execute_file) as we will no longer be supporting interpreting on the target machines (yes, we will be moving to fully compiled code in GM9).

Once the bug was filed we implemented script_execute... keep the bugs flowing so we can increase compatibility amongst all the targets.


Emphasis added.

Previously (,, Russell mentioned that the C++ runner would use GML compiled with LLVM, so this is just a target version for that change.
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Heh, this should be good.
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final ENIGMA version
I doubt there ever be one, as we don't version ENIGMA at all (as far as I know).

except that it becomes increasingly harder to attract the GM people now that they've constantly been improving it ever since that guy got hired
Its more due to slow progress of ENIGMA than to anything else. People want functionality, and that is something no one here is ready to implement. Users don't care that you can draw 10x more sprites than GM, if that is all it can do. I am the only semi-active person that actually tries to implement these GM features. I am trying to add more surface functions right now (like surface_save and sprite_create_from_surface among others).
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