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Author Topic: Broken forums  (Read 837 times)
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Posted on: January 12, 2011, 10:50:13 AM

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We've recently upgraded to SMF RC3. This cost us all custom modifications to the SMF forum system. This is what's broken, that we are currently aware:

1) Registration. I implemented a regexp captcha to the SMF engine because its original system was too poor to handle multiple answers. My system allowed them to be set as (answer1|answer2), or however else is legal in the regexp standard. As such, any question with more than one answer is impossible to answer correctly.
2) Unix names. Gary just implemented a system that allows users to give themselves a unix name. It wasn't implemented in the Wiki completely yet, but it's gone now.
3) Code highlighting. The system had a problem with generating previews (the page had to be refreshed to see any modifications), and it didn't distinguish between GML and C++, but it's gone now.

Any other problems, report them here.
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Good job, a2h.
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I guess you didn't do a diff before you upgraded...
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