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Author Topic: ENIGMA on the iPhone - Once again legal?  (Read 1151 times)
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Posted on: September 09, 2010, 09:37:51 AM
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Apple relaxes restrictions on iOS app code, iAd analytics

It appears that Apple is loosening some of its most controversial iOS development rules.
Although the article doesn't seem to show the new language of the agreement, it is a good sign for ENIGMA developers who hope to see their games on iPhone in the future.
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Well thats good news, so my iphone port wasn't a waste of time after all :) It seems you need written consent to use an interpreted language like lua. But Enigma doesn't interpret anything, the final code is c++ (with a little objc for iphone) so in theory Enigma should be safer than using Unity.

But we won't know until someone submits an engma app to the appstore. Doubt they would allow the click the clown example >.<
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