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Author Topic: Video Player Extension for ENIGMA Early Access  (Read 630 times)
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Posted on: August 12, 2020, 08:21:44 PM

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The pull request will be more up-to-date than the information and download available in this thread.

To get the latest scoop on what progress has been made, please check out the actual pull request:

Finally, official video playback functionality is being added to ENIGMA.

Win32 games need these deps bundled with their games via an installer or self extractor:

MacOSX games need all of these deps in their app bundle's "/Contents/Frameworks" folder:

Linux and FreeBSD users may simply use their package manager as usual to install libmpv.
Android support is also possible since libmpv has an Android port, so that's all platforms.

For early access to this extension, use the installer scripts provided at this repository:

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