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Author Topic: Parsers -- A novel by Josh @ Dreamland  (Read 8791 times)
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Sorry, but if you're going to be
Quote from: RetroX
just an ass
, then at least be open about it and don't release the source code to the parts you don't want stolen.

Also, I'll bet modifying your parser wouldn't be such a breeze if you had to stop work on it for a few months.

It could happen; I don't care if nothing ever happens to you and you have a perfect memory and you're perfect.
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There's a certain trust that comes with GPL software. If you're going to start a project under a new name with a new purpose that operates almost entirely off of code you stole from me, that's not right.

However, I don't really care, and I don't ask him to stop; I'm just not going to help him do it.

At this point, probably the only way anyone is going to be able to make off with my parser is if they have no intention to modify it. I still don't care. I'm not going out of my way to be a team player for Yacc just to make it easier for other people.

And I've stopped working on my parser for a month in the past, and still came back and modified exactly what I needed to. Actually, it was more like three or four months. And my memory is pretty damn good. Being perfect has nothing to do with it.

And now this brings me to trying to determine why you're so sore about me not using a parser generator. Most of the other teams have successfully devised an at least almost-working parser in it... Basically, if it's so damn easy to make a parser in it, what does anyone have to gain from me doing so? They can just off and make their own, just like Rusky.

Every benefit to using a generated parser that you named off, you later alienated to make a new case. You've managed to make me lose what little respect I had left for the idea.
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What's wrong with someone forking a project, even if they don't call it that?

The purpose of using Yacc or any other generator is not only to make it easier for other people. It's to make it easier for everyone, yourself included.

Which benefits were alienated?
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