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Author Topic: Git History of Master Rewritten  (Read 1098 times)
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Posted on: November 17, 2018, 02:33:14 AM

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This is a small announcement just to warn everybody that Josh had to rewrite part of the recent history of enigma-dev master.

It started when TKG made a pull request that contained a dll which Josh told him was ok to use. Since Josh was not available, I agreed to review the pull request and merged it into the repository. The confusion here was that Josh wanted TKG to host the dll somewhere other than the repo. Obviously, I broke one of the very important rules of git by merging the pull request, that you should not add binaries to a repo. If you continuously add binaries to a git repo you will bloat the download size of the repo since cloning the repo involves copying the repo's history (which ends up being multiple copies of a 5mb dll).

Anyway, Josh fixed it by rewriting the history on master to make it look like that pull request was never merged. This means that any existing clones or forks of enigma-dev need to be rebased onto the new master head commit. This is a rather complicated procedure, even for people who know git, so I recommend that you simply reclone and or refork enigma-dev as needed before sending any pull requests back to us.

We're all sorry for the inconvenience this may cause anybody and are going to be more vigilant going into the future. I just wanted to make this announcement so everybody is aware and also to increase awareness so people understand not to add binaries to a git repo and it doesn't happen again.
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