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Author Topic: GitHub "Issues" Tracker  (Read 317 times)
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Posted on: September 13, 2016, 01:03:11 AM

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So I've been away from the project for a bit and I come back to look at the issues tracker on github and there are fucking 109 issues. I know enigmas a flaming turd held together with spit and ducttape but even so 109 issues seems extremely high. So I've looked into the issues and out of 109 only 25 are tagged reproducible. Many "bugs" range from 2-4 years old without any activity from the poster. Most bugs don't provide a proper example or log and NO bugs mention the revision of enigma they were using. The github issues tracker is in desperate need of a purge....

Things that do not belong on the tracker that I've seen there:

Licensing debates. (Debates belong on the forum or irc)

Issues with portable zip and winpatch. (These we're created out of convince for dumb-ass windows users. They're files in someone's Dropbox and are in no way affiliated with the GitHub code. if they don't work you can install things manually or ask for setup help on irc or the forums)

"That would be nice feature requests" : ("Please add wayland support. Please support nintendo ds export. Enigma doesn't run on my toaster". Sure it'd be great if enigma did those things but if we accepted every request like that the tracker could easily be over 1000 issues right now..)

Please post detailed bug reports:
A bug report generally should contain all of the following...

The revision of enigma you're using.
A minimalistic game producing the issue you are experiencing (provided it's not a plugin issue)
The OS you ran this on.
The target APIs used.
Any non default extensions you may have used.
A full compile / error log.
A gdb backtrace for any crash of a compiled game. 

Without this information we are forced to wait on user's reply for details or for acknowledgement something is fixed and many bug reports become stale and sit there forever. Any potential dev looking to help could be put off by the pure shit that is our current tracker. Please purge.
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I agree and partly this was my fault where I moved the suggestion lists and known issue lists off the wiki and over to the GitHub tracker to reduce duplicates. From now I think we should stick to your advice. It is also extremely infuriating when people post bugs and then don't try to help resolve them. Even more annoying is everyone's complete lack of ability to isolate issues into SSCCE's. I do not want to debug your 20,000+ lines of GML game that is over 1gb. Do the debugging yourself and when you find a bug with a specific ENIGMA function, and only then may you post an issue.

* Debates about new features should stay on the forum until we decide that it is actually useful and someone wants to write it. Then somebody can just do it and send a pull request. Leave the tracker for actual bugs.
* License debates over the engine should also stick to the forum.
* Anything debatable should stay on the forum.

Some issues that I have closed so far:

I've also taken the liberty of revamping the troubleshooting page to have more structure to improve readability.
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