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Author Topic: What do you want?  (Read 2010 times)
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There's a Cross-platform kind of Paint.NET program. Well. It's pretty much a fork of Paint.NET 3. Also MIT licensed (besides the PDN format).
(it's using GTK though, not Qt)
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I have to ask, are you aware of the function documentation? I ask because many users seem to have a problem finding it and I do not understand why. Function documentation is probably the most completed documentation in ENIGMA. Drag and Drop actions are fully 100% documented too.
The function documentation is indeed very well made (I especially like the example part at the bottom). What I was referring to is the table in the "Overview" part of the documentation page:
I think this is where most newbies will look because they assume to find a deeper explanation of the single mechanics and how they work together.
Some of the most interesting topics like pathfinding or AI don't even hold any content:

Or may even confuse some (windows) users like here:
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