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Author Topic: More progress  (Read 8533 times)
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Posted on: March 08, 2008, 01:27:34 pm

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Objects and their instances are working, as a basic system. The last thing I have to do before release one is make sure the parser can arrange a bunch of resources into the ENIGMA compile shell's sources, and we're set.

That is not so easy, however. It entails keeping track of which variables are declared as what type, or remain undeclared.

Also, I've been contacted recently by a team working on their own SDK of some sort. They seemed to have an interest in the project, but our goals are different.

My first priority is to get a release out that will compile your games and save them from Game Maker's decompiler problem. As well as speed them up great deals.

The var class is 5x faster than GM. If you declare a type as double, it'll be fifty to one hundred times faster than my var, or about 250x as fast as Game Maker. You have C to thank for that.

ENIGMA also takes C++. This is the only current ticket away from GML. Type naming can still be done in GML, and var can still be used in C++. This will allow users to mix the languages in a way that suits them.

I'll see about decreasing the levels of some functions.

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