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Author Topic: My Windows 10 test results here  (Read 4166 times)
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Page files are the same amount of ram by default. If you have 16gb of ram, you will have 16gb of pagefiles. Same with hibernation file. On Win8 the pagefile was actually 2x the ram size by default on my system. So I was quite surprised to see on my small SSD (220GB) to have 16GB+32GB = 48GB taken by them. With 16GB of RAM it's sometimes actually better to disable pagefiles entirely, as it can speed up the system (because now it writes to pagefiles even if you have free ram). I just put it at a much smaller value. Hibernation file is quite useful though, as it increases the speed of shutdown and launch.
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Page files are the same amount of ram by default. If you have 16gb of ram, you will have 16gb of pagefiles.

Yep knew that, though I recall 1 1/2 was recommended.

I tried disabling it but win10 refuses LOL
and in 7 if I disable it it creates one anyway, how bloody annoying. :D  So I should just set it to minimal then :P

As to hibernation I don't use that feature anyway, my system is super fast and boots quickly anyway, even when disabling that feature it still creates a hiberfil, how the hell can I completely disable this!

I don't want either hiberfil or pagefile !!! I know that in some rare cases some apps might not work if there is not pagefile, I remember hitting this back in the XP days.....I would hope that with 16GB of RAM I would at least be able to disable this shit, considering 32bit games won't ever access more than 2GB of RAM and I don't think ever needing to fill that RAM.  So 16GB pagefile ? LOL right....... no thanks.

So you have SSD ??? Any brand and chipset you recommend ? How fast does your OS boot with the SSD? I can make both win7/10 boot in 15-17secs to full desktop on my SATA3 HDD....

I think ENIGMA would benefit from SSD because it has so many smaller files, when self extracting all those files, would zip right along in SSD.......for compiling too I suppose.

Can't wait to get my SSDs next year. and my new GPU, because unfortunately that 660GTX might get outdated,for the 4k and 8k games :P

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Windows loves to failsafe. If you have fast boot enabled, it will use the hibernation file and create one if it does not exist. And even if you have pagefile disabled, Windows seems to create one if you run out of memory.

And you may not think you need a pagefile, but it's good to have it (although I can understand the desire to kill it when you're on an SSD). For instance I've found a memory leak in the AMD driver that appears when playing Battlefield 4, and it will use every drop of memory it can get its hands on, using up to 7 of my 8 gigs. At that point, it hit the 99% memory used mark and the game dropped to like 2-3 FPS as Windows started ramming the pagefile. Ahhh... by the way it's not easy to discover your driver has a memory leak. You have to download the whole Windows SDK to use a couple hundred kb tool to tell you a 4 char code and then you gotta look it up!
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