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Author Topic: B2D examples please....  (Read 726 times)
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Posted on: April 27, 2014, 02:12:04 PM
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Hello, until physics is fixed in LGM, as I'm assuming what is broken is setting physics properties from the IDE, perhaps the B2D GML commands work right ?
I read the B2d docs but would be more comfortable with an actual example.  Could someone spare a physics example written with EGM ? I know there was one posted on the games page but links do not work.
assuming B2d works, I will learn that and use that.  I have all the physics settings and "points" on the object, but don't know how to translate that to GML.  You can do it directly from the IDE in GMS.

If someone has anything they made with B2D / physics working in ENIGMA if you don'T mind to share the source so I can get familiar with this.


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Box2D is not finished yet, just wait till I have time to add everything to the IDE.
I think it was Leonardo da Vinci who once said something along the lines of "If you build the robots, they will make games." or something to that effect.

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