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Author Topic: ENIGMA's Engine Code License - Please Vote  (Read 28403 times)
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How many times is the same poll needed?  :D

I know I have personally voted atleast 2 maybe 3 times on separate polls on the same thread.

Good thing you guys are not in parliament, hey? Those guys only take a few years to decide on anything. ENIGMA is now 7 years old.  ::)

LOL good observation ! though they are deciding on far bigger issues whilst using your tax dollars to good use :P

The license issue is a big vicious circle

ENIGMA devs want protection !
end-users don't want to have to release their source and too want protection

Damned if you do damned if you don't
waste of bloody time.
I guess now people are riding on the fact of the unlikelihood anybody will get sued :D

Don't forget to check this topic every few years, yes ? , and cast your vote.  Cheers :D

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