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Author Topic: Colligma 2.0  (Read 2422 times)
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Posted on: October 01, 2008, 07:48:29 PM
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For the clueless, Colligma is ENGIMA's collision system, written by me, ludamad.

As have many things in ENIGMA history, Colligma is experiencing a complete re-write. The reasons for this were mostly because the old code was not as nearly as efficient as it could have been, and writing it from scratch is allowing me to avoid problems I ran into with the old Colligma completely. Most importantly, old Colligma did not work properly without at least one of the objects compared having a rotation, and in that case it'd work, but work slowly. As of the time of this writing, new colligma already has a properly implemented collision function for non-rotated objects.

Please note that Josh and I work on completely separate threads of code, and stalling on one side doesn't inhibit progress on the other.

Paragraphs are annoying, so here is some point form:
-The new Colligma will be optimized for 32 bit systems (as opposed to old colligma, which really wasn't optimized for anything). I will release a 64 bit optimized version too (the changes needed are trivial).
-The new Colligma benefits from better knowledge of optimization now.
-The new Colligma uses a less confusing naming structure, bitMask is the basic structure instead of collCustom.
-A EDL frontend will be written for ENIGMA, basically meaning one can call Colligma with no knowledge of C++ (it will be similar to GML).

Well, that's the news. So there.
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Thanks for the update.  ;D
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Does this mean I can has preciseness?
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Sounds awesome! Can't wait!  :)

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