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Author Topic: Direct3D 11.0 Implemented  (Read 1218 times)
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Posted on: December 12, 2013, 07:53:54 AM

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As you can see in the following screenshot I finally managed to get Direct3D 11 implemented now as well. I have shelled the graphics and made it clear the background color, simply need to readd the functions again, just like what was done with Direct3D 9.

The issue why I couldn't do it before is because Microsoft changed the API mid-version and moved it into the Windows SDK and then removed the D3DX stuff for coloring and matrix functions. I have not yet decided whether I will make use of these by hacking them into MinGW as well or more likely I will just waste my time rewriting the FFP instead since then it will be a sinch for me to do in the other graphics systems.

I got this working by rebuilding the libd3d11.a myself to link and get the correct symbols from, because apparently the MinGW really hates Direct3D 11. I will also have to maintain a custom version of the d3d11.h header based off theirs so that I can add missing declarations. I will keep these two in the

This is the commit I have done this in along with some compiler fixes regarding spaces in paths.

This is the LIB2A tool I used to convert the MSVC libs with.

This is the libd3d11.a file.

This is the d3d11.h header file.

I have updated the Portable ZIP installer to include these two missing files under ENIGMAsystem/Additional where the rest of our headers for Box2D and Bullet and things are, cheeseboy will need to update the ZIP automatic builder to include these files. You can go ahead and download if you want to test an empty game with the background color or if you wish to help me start adding functions.
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Great progress! I can't wait to see how this will compare against OpenGL in terms of performance.
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