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Author Topic: The lack of development updates and progress  (Read 2942 times)
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Posted on: September 27, 2008, 07:35:44 AM

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About Josh:
Josh @ Dreamland says:
 I guess.
 Lemme at least give you the whole story...
 After Mouso died, I came down with a case of MRSA.
 MRSA is a deadly staph infection.
 I started breaking out in lesions,
 so my dad took me to the doctor.
 The doctor sent me to the hospital,
 where they took a culture.
 After a couple days, they identified it as being MRSA,
 and so they prescribed a powerful antibiotic called bactrim.
 After about a week on Bactrim, I started breaking out in a rash all over, and had a fever of almost 103.
a2h_ says:
 australia uses celsius not farenheit
Josh @ Dreamland says:
a2h_ says:
 ok, that's bad
Josh @ Dreamland says:
 So they took me to the doctor again, which led to more meds.
 This time they put me on Benedryl and prednisone.
 Benadryl is an over-the-counter antihistamine.
 Prednisone is an immune system suppressant.
 The rash was gone in a couple days
 So I had some reprieve to work
 Two days later, I came down with pneumonia
 and spent another week on the couch,
 literally unable to breathe if I were to sit up.
 After a week of breathing treatments, the taste of which I still can't rid myself,
 I ended up here.
 Rest assured, I'm still working on the thing.
 And compile speeds are already significantly faster, from what I can tell.
 Features include faster compile, and a system I'm calling 'Post-Compile Script'
 which will allow for additional compiler parameters such as amazing asm-level optimization thanks to GCC,
 as well as the ability to strip (cut down in size) (still thanks to GCC) and protect your executables before and after sprites are added (This'd take an external program, which you could add to the list of things to call after compilation and before resources are appended).
 So yeah... Sorry I disappeared for two weeks, but I wasn't exactly enjoying my stay at a health spa or anywhere nicer than Ohio.
(I use WLM 9 beta in case you're wondering how so many lines are possible in a single message)

About me:
Uhh, yeah, procrastinating about the site again, and thing's aren't working so I'm annoyed about that. I was working on this. I don't know how this is going to work out; the server is giving me errors when I try to run any SMF's install script (in the edc folder)... there's no .htaccess file there as far as I'm concerned, and /www/.htaccess doesn't have anything referring to /www/edc/ sooo... yeah. I guess I'll need to figure out something else then.

So there, your explanation for why neither of us have done any or much work on what we were supposed to do. Serprex, put your sharp stick away.

Joshedit: I left out some details while I was talking to a2h, which would lead to scratched heads later on. So I added them in to the end. ...I don't care how that sounds, I'm back and breathing and that should be good enough for you people. *angryface*
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Poor Josh. Hey, wait! My Posting Glitch is gone! I can actually type in the Post Box again! Yay! Anyways, I hope you get better soon Josh. Or are you already better? >_>
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Lol, Wow, that's bad. Hope you get better :)
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Wow that sucks.

Glad you feel better though. :)
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I'm doing a lot better, and am back at work once more. Everything's taken care of, except I think I have an ear infection. =P
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