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Author Topic: External texture loading  (Read 768 times)
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Posted on: August 11, 2013, 05:17:53 PM
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I'm pretty new to ENIGMA and I need some help with making my game run. The weird thing is, it doesn't even run in GM :P
Here's is a screenie of what we made for GMCJam 11

Now we're making a 2nd edition with an expanded field of play. But first I gotta get it working. Before we just took renders of the 3D room in Blender so we didn't have to use any textures.

Now to the problem:
I am trying to get load an image from a folder as a texture. I already got it working with sprites or backgrounds but If someone can get it working I will use the textures from a folder. The zip file contains some models, the project file and a bmp room texture.

The room models object takes care of the loading. It loads 3 models, but 1 of them loads his texture from the gfx folder... Or atlest it should. And doesnt.

So please, do your best
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