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Author Topic: LateralGM and Plugin Packages  (Read 407 times)
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Posted on: June 05, 2013, 07:40:07 AM

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I want to propose that we set up the various installers and other things to automatically retrieve both the latest plugin and LGM jar files from a single uniform location. I am the only one who is not lazy enough to keep them updated, and it is getting to much for me to repackage the WinPatch and the latest LGM release as well as the Windows installer, and I am not even able to update the python package, and it is rather annoying for people to keep installing with older versions instead of the latest jar file release. It would not be such a problem if my internet would stop being KIA after a week, but 55mb's is wayyyyy too much for me to keep having to upload just over minor fixes to the jar file. This is why I would like a single unform package retreival system wherein I simply have to update ONLY the single jars, we could do it through repositories etc vs having them hosted on someone's dropbox. I haven't updated the Windows installer LGM since my first buggy release of the new jar :(
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Binaries don't go on a repository. Repositories do diffs for version control. A diff doesn't make sense on a binary, so every time you put in a new binary (e.g. jar), it adds another mb of diff to the repository (assuming the binary is 1 mb), so whenever someone tries to checkout or otherwise work with the repository, they have to download the entire history, which includes every single version of every single binary that ever existed in the repository.

Our packaging system uses simple urls (and a hash). This means that it doesn't matter where you put the binary, as long as you link it and provide an updated hash. We've just been using dropbox since it's been the most convenient option for us. I think Josh has indicated that he wants to see the server itself build and deliver the binaries, and I think this is a good idea as well, it's just that it is a bit of an undertakin since building LateralGM and the Plugin is not a very automatible task.

Also, our packaging system partitions everything into individual binaries, so you don't need to upload everything at once. If you build LGM, you only upload LGM, and update the url (if necessary) and hash.
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