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Third Party / Re: DnD to GML utility
« on: September 24, 2017, 09:58:53 AM »
The program is indeed outdated but still quite I said....... just thought it would be useful for newbies to ENIGMA to learn EDL as itt converts Drag and Drop actions into the relevant EDL/GML code.

I prefer to code in EDL but at times when I'm stuck on something, I use Drag n drop, then use that converted code. Unfortunately, for some reason, i can't get GMS2 to work on either my laptop nor one of my desktops. Both of which has 64bit cpus in them. I don't really care that much any way, since they dropped LINUX support.

I prefer GML/EDL as well, from the start.  I could never get into D&D, even from the GM legacy years.  Did it for a short time then found it was more work :)

As far as GMS2, if not mistaken you need at least a DX10 compatible GPU.  And they do support linux, there is an Ubuntu export module included.

Third Party / Re: DnD to GML utility
« on: September 21, 2017, 04:23:21 PM »
Here's a little utility I've been using that converts Drag and Drop actions to GML. It's been invaluable to me in learning GML so I thought I would just share with any newbies out there.

Upon writing this , I did a search on DND to GML utilies and I came many others. One can also do a search and try them out for oneself but I still prefer this one as you can perform an actually code segment and it will convert it for you, right there and then. Check it out.

here's the link

Nice find - but this program is a bit outdated and from what I recall did not have FULL support.  BTW, there is a built-in D&D to GML converter in GMS 2, every single D&D
is supported.  Also sometimes it can be difficult to remember all those GML commands, so one could build their own libraries and functions and use those in their games as

Off-Topic / Re: The little (game) engine that could...
« on: May 14, 2017, 04:07:33 PM »
Hey Patrick,

You made some great points.

However, GameMaker Studio 2's Mac IDE is in closed beta, and will be released to the public rather soon, I'm pretty sure. Mac is more popular than Linux as a whole (including all distros afaik) and Mac is also very stable and isn't as likely to get a virus as Windows either.

But the reality still stands, GameMaker Studio 2 has no Linux IDE, and probably never will. That's one of the reasons I (and you) love ENIGMA so much.

I whole heartedly agree, it's a great software, and I hope it has years to come in its lifespan.

Right, best of luck then - some people like being attached to things and don't like progress.  If you are attached to an obsolete "LEGACY" software, good for you, if it makes you happy.  Some people just move on with progress.  I would have agreed that ENIGMA is so much better, at a time when LGM was half decent and at the time of GMS8.1  But now ENIGMA is so much outdated on many levels.   As far as Linux, never say never.  They will have a MAC version out soon.  And since there is more demand for Windows and MAC', those will be out first.  Whether there will be a Linux or not, nobody knows. I don't think so. Nothing prevents you from building games for Linux platform though. But it is always the same rubbish about windows stability!  The same rubbish with "oh non linear video editing is so much better on MACs" era.  I worked on very complex NLE projects on an expensive PC for so many years without any issues.

Now that GMS2 breaks compatibility with certain GMS1.4 projects, and has new functionality, it makes ENIGMA even more obsolete than it already was.  Not saying ENIGMA is no good for making games, but you are quite limited in comparison - and stability is a major limiting factor.

Yeah, whilst I agree that ENIGMA is not limited to created just games, it is not the optimal solution to build apps either.  It is mostly a game engine. It would probably take more time to build apps using it.

For your project / needs, you would have been better off with NeoBook, ok it's not open source, but it's a rapid application builder / publishing tool which contains also a scripting language for more complex stuff. you can do just about anything you can imagine with it, and it is designed mainly for windows apps.  It is a WYSIWYG style editor, supporting windows, dialogs, check boxes, radio buttons, scrolling bars, widgets, etc.  it is to APPS what GameMasterStudio is to GAMES.   

Off-Topic / Re: The little (game) engine that could...
« on: May 11, 2017, 05:43:17 PM »
Gamemaker Studio is indeed a wonderful software, however it does have a lot of drawbacks: the main issue being made for Windows.

I've been using windows software since forever and no issues.  Yes there are stability issues, but that comes down to the software itself.  Windows 7/10 has gone a long way.  Isn't there a MAC native version of GMS2 or one in the works ? I was under the impression that it was said that there would be Windows, mac and Linux versions.  Maybe one day. 

When I buy a product, the manufacturer should not have any rights to the use of said product.  After all when you buy a pair of shoes, do Adidas or Converse tell you how to wear them?

This is where I disagree.  You are buying software and you have permission to use it. Buying does not entitle you to own the rights, decompile, resell it, modify it, etc.  Keep in mind that you are buying GMS2, which entitles you to use the software and produce
games.  You own the rights for YOUR games, however, the engine belongs to YYG, and whatever is used inside your compiled games belongs to their respective authors.

So essentially you are saying, you are buying software from me but that should give you the rights to modify it, give away, resell it ?

Also keep in mind it's not much different with ENIGMA, other than ENIGMA is FREE, it is open source, and subject to specific rules.  You must distribute your game with the source code and you must accept the fact that people can modify and re-distribute your game.  This is open source, whereas with GMS2, this would not be possible without expressed permission. As far as stability, GMS is day and night next to ENIGMA in terms of stability.  Of course ENIGMA produces smaller EXE files and shines in some areas, but overall in terms of stability, documentation, features, GMS shines, but there is a price to pay for software development, whereas on open source projects it tends to be stagnant pending developer availability.   You can do as you want with GMS2, the games you produce are yours, and you own the rights, however, the engine belongs to YYG - The same way commerical software you buy also mentions the respective licences in their software agreements.  Every solution has its pros and cons. 

So don't fret; or be discouraged from using Enigma. it is a wonderful piece of software. I absolutely love it and will continue to use it.

I love it too, but now it is so much out of date, incomplete, buggy and unstable.
For some people it's a question of money they want a FREE alternative.  Now with GMS2 and the new IDE and features, I think this makes ENIGMA even more obsolete.
Too many workarounds in order to make functional games in ENIGMA, mainly with the IDE.....Not saying that GMS2 is perfect, it's not, but it's more complete and stable than ENIGMA's IDE there's no doubt about it.

I think ENIGMA is obsolete and continuing any kind of development around it is a bloody waste of time - ENIGMA needs to change course and be its own product and detach from GM's knob. :)  The problem ? It relies on availability of developers and experienced developers - Open sourced projects is also susceptible for clashing of developers and division, disagreements and fuck ups due to abandonment, poor testing, etc.  I guess this was the case with ENIGMA if you followed the older topics :P

Off-Topic / Re: The little (game) engine that could...
« on: May 09, 2017, 09:38:20 PM »
I came lookin' for booty!

You're in the wrong place ! :D

It's a conspiracy mate, I can tell you why, but I won't.......:)

Off-Topic / Re: The little (game) engine that could...
« on: May 09, 2017, 04:36:12 PM »
You got an F- in Sarcasm school ! :P :P

Off-Topic / Re: The little (game) engine that could...
« on: May 08, 2017, 09:35:32 PM »
Guys why are you wasting your bloody times - pay $1400 and buy GMS2, and get peace of mind.   Good support, good developers, bug free software, PERFECT software without any flaws.


Off-Topic / Re: The little (game) engine that could...
« on: May 05, 2017, 12:13:12 AM »
Well, if I want to make a game using ENIGMA, I just either use GM 8.1, GM4Mac, or GMS 1.4 for the IDE and then import that project into LGM simply for compilation. That's what I did for "Key to Success", and it did pretty well. It's a little extra work to constantly switch between GM and LGM to edit the game and test run, but it can be done, if you happen to own a copy of GM. (of course doing this for Linux builds can be a little annoying because there is no official Linux IDE for GM.

There is another secret method that does not involve using GMS, I'll see if you can  figure this out, then I'll tell you :P

Off-Topic / Re: The little (game) engine that could...
« on: May 04, 2017, 02:15:26 AM »
Darkstar2, this is where we could not be any more distant in how we view these two software products. Both ENIGMA and GMS1 / GMS2 have a lot of bugs, but not enough to stop people from making great games with them. I'll just leave it at that...

And did you really have to quote me (and that huge image)? lol

lol - fixed - removed image.

Yes I know people are still making their games in GMS1 / GMS2, at least they have a working IDE!  With ENIGMA, how the bloody hell can a person make a game when the  IDE is broken (LGM) and crashes. That's the main issue here.  Of course if the wank IDE was functional we could agree that despite the bugs people could also make games.

Off-Topic / Re: The little (game) engine that could...
« on: May 03, 2017, 05:12:18 PM »
we could all learn a valuable lesson from this here book:

If you think you can you think you can you think you can fix enigma bugs, you really could!

yeah the engine still needs life in it to fix.  Can't fix a fucked engine, the same way in medicine you cannot revive a DEAD heart (asystole) when there is no residual electrical signal no matter how much you try.  In the case of ENIGMA, it does not need fixing, but the engine needs to be built from scratch. Same applies for Game Maker Studio, they fix things by putting band aid and having their use base do the dirty work whilst charging ridiculous prices and upgrade paths!!!

Developing ENIGMA / Re: GMS 2
« on: November 10, 2016, 06:25:28 PM »
Given all the time that has gone by waiting, it is sad to see YYG once again playing it "safe".  A lot of focus shifted towards the new IDE, and revamping.  Is there significantly new functionality to brag about, to justify itself as a new generation product ? No.  It does even have video support for fucksake!  Something that should be standard support.  They rely heavily on the market and their end-users doing the dirty work and building addons, extensions etc, so they can make $$$ out of it.  Their pricing scheme is beyond ridiculous - people should be able to choose the export modules THEY want, a la carte style, not be imposed shit they don't want.

More so, tracking inside compiled projects.  I can understand why they would like anonymous data collected for whatever reason, I have nothing against it, most of the software I use on my PC already does this, many do.  However, this should *NEVER* be imposed on your end users, EVER.  If I were to distribute applications / games where there is ANY tracking whether anonymous or not, I would need FULL disclosure on the data being sent.  I'm not sure my clients would be too happy and would frown upon any product that does not disclose exactly what is being tracked they would be fucking irate about it. 

For windows developers I don't think this product is moving in the right direction - I think ENIGMA shows more promise, flexibility, compact file sizes, more functionality.  It's time for ENIGMA to detach itself from YYG's nob and be it's own product.  Is GMs2 really raising the bar ? not quite, ideally, windows developers should learn to code or use better tools for that effect.

The ridiculous licence and restrictions imposed,the imposing of tracking and lack of significant change other than the IDE makes this not worthy of purchase - GMS 1.4 will be decent for most use, particularly for PC users.  If you really want to upgrade just for the new IDE, ask yourself is it worth the price ? when there are some "alternatives" ;)

GMS2 does not have me impressed to the point of saying "Hey all these bloody years waiting were worth it........" I had the same feeling 12 years later when Duke Nukem forever came out and I thought it was an utter pile of shite.... the longer the wait, the higher the expectations.


Issues Help Desk / Re: Java Crash (potentially not Enigma at fault)
« on: August 07, 2016, 10:50:13 PM »
The enigma.jar under Lateral GM is for sure the culprit - if you were referring to the IDE, without the plugin LGM is rock solid, with the fucking plugin the whole shit is bloody unstable to a point LGM is impossible to work in, the more you run / save, etc, the more likely you will induce a crash in this bitch !  :D


it has made some progress towards stability, it has a ways to go yet. Feel free to post as often as you like, you know we welcome third party tools here.

I completely disagree with this - its stability is abysmal at best and one of its weakest point.

It has progressively become worse over time.
(Yes I am using windows) :D and I am aware that the
culprit is enigma.jar - or is it...........  I can easily
reproduce a crash each bloody time, even after hitting the save button a few times and the whole shit falls in shambles.

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