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Proposals / Re: Microsoft Script Control
« Last post by time-killer-games on February 16, 2018, 08:40:46 AM »
Thanks Patrick!
Proposals / Re: Microsoft Script Control
« Last post by hpg678 on February 16, 2018, 12:53:58 AM »
I like your project TKG.........keep up the good work. Though I dislike Windows........God it frustrates me so........I do have to use it as part of my work.

It looks very interesting indeed and I will be checking it out later.
Issues Help Desk / Re: Turning On A Variable Disables Character Movement
« Last post by Hoohee on February 15, 2018, 11:04:37 PM »
In the title screen of the game, I have an object containing this code in its "Create" event.

Code: [Select]
globalvar Vacuum;
Vacuum = 1;
globalvar Fuel;
Fuel = 1;;

Then in the level, following, there is another object made specifically for declaring these global variables again; except as 0.  I was told that it's better to declare global variables as 1 initially, but the way I made my game in GM, they were supposed to start at 0.
Proposals / Microsoft Script Control
« Last post by time-killer-games on February 14, 2018, 11:45:30 AM »
I know most people on here are Linux fans who hate Windows, so I'm not betting on anyone actually using this anytime soon.

License and Installation

I'm posting this topic as a reminder for me to make my GameMaker Windows DLL into an ENIGMA extension once Josh and Robert are ready for that, as well as to advertise to everyone ahead of time what I plan to contribute to ENIGMA, just to see what everyone thinks or if anyone finds it particularly useful. It is free on the YoYoGames Marketplace, and is soon going to be available for the same price on

For GameMaker users, the library is both open source but also commercial, it is mandatory to pay for it in order to use it in your GameMaker Studio projects. However, when it will be encorperated into ENIGMA, for ENIGMA users, the code will be license under GPL, the ENIGMA extension will be free and open source, and in time, once the linking exception is written, will also have the linking exception applied to it as well. Anyways...

If you would like the DLL and an example GM81 formatted project for free, and if you are either an ENIGMA or GameMaker v5.0-v8.1 user, send me a PM on these forums, (sign up if you must), and I'll be more than happy to give you it for free, provided you will still pay for it if you intend to use it in GameMaker Studio 1.4 or 2. No credit required, for project use only. Derivative works allowed. Do not sell or redistribute as-is.

ENIGMA and Legacy GameMaker do not have an installer export, so you will need to make your own installer from the installer creator of your choosing. I highly recommend NSIS which is what GameMaker Studio 1.4 and 2 uses, or Inno Setup Compiler, which is also very popular for creating installers.

The installer you create, will need to register on installation, and unregister on uninstallation, the following dependencies:

● VideoPlayer.ocx
● WebBrowser.ocx
● DialogEx.dll

BEFORE those are registered, your installer will need to launch and wait for the VB5 runtime to install, which is also included with the sample project. This is a lot easier to do in GMStudio, because most of the work I did for you. If you don't need to use the splash functions, none of this is needed and you won't need to write or compile your own installer script. The rest is easy.

Description (What's it do?)

The original GMC topic can be seen here.

The GMC topic's contents:

[Tutorial] ActiveX Extension Creation for GameMaker Studio pt. 1: ActiveX DLL
[Tutorial] ActiveX Extension Creation for GameMaker Studio pt. 2: NS Installer

This extension is [strictly] Windows-only.

This extension is 100% free, open source, and public domain.

Execute VBScript and JScript, (using Microsoft Script Control).

You may execute the code you write within the GMStudio IDE.

You may also execute the code from a given *.VBS or *.JS file.

For more information, see the VBScript and JScript docs here.

The DLL's full source code included.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to use the scripts in the "SplashFunctions", "VB5/6Functions", and "JScriptFunctions" resource folders, you will need to build the game as an installer - this is required. You will also need to replace the contents of your project's default NSIS Windows installer script, with the contents of the "ActiveXInstaller.nsi" installer script, in the included files. If you do not intend to use these functions, you will not need to build your game as an installer, or replace the contents of the default Windows installer script. When testing a game with these functions, you will need to have the required ActiveX controls installed. The easiest way to do that is to install using the "Install.exe" file.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Download Now for GameMaker Studio 1.4 and 2
Off-Topic / Re: ENIGMA Value
« Last post by Darkstar2 on February 14, 2018, 04:03:38 AM »
Why not crowd fund it, like they did with FPS Creator OVERLOADED or some similar 3D game making project.......  I would gladly donate some money to support development of ENIGMA and more important the rewrite of LGM - Honestly I don't think ENIGMA is going anywhere - most of the developers have abandoned it for whatever reason and there doesn't seem to be interest.  Now with GMS 2 out and major improvements in that area, it is time for ENIGMA to branch into another project, cutting ties with legacy GM and building on its own whilst maintaining the easy of use and learning curve of GMS and similar feature set to GMS 2, etc, I've said it since day 1 I am willing to pay for software that is useful to me and competitive. Whilst GMS2 has made big improvements, they still lack in many areas.   ENIGMA has always made smaller compiles and allowed you to manually disable unused modules......Smaller footprint, support for non GML, etc, so there are lots of things ENIGMA or whatever name can work on ......  GMS development is extremely slow, even for over priced, overrated software, they are still bloody slow - their development speed certainly has not improved with the funding they received.  So I am a bit skeptic that ENIGMA can be revamped significantly, with so little resources ....
General ENIGMA / Re: Hardware Diagnosis
« Last post by Darkstar2 on February 14, 2018, 03:48:16 AM »
Last year I purchased my ASUS GTX 1070 Turbo 8GB -  This year it is $400 more bloody expensive !!! All because of the crypto miners - bloody fucks - the PC gaming industry is doomed and killed now by the miners, now the high-end gaming cards go over $1k-$1.5k - what a big cluster fuck of a situation - So I guess NVIDIA should stop using the terms GAMING they might as well label their product line Crypto Mining, gaming on PC is over, thank you miners !!  The only alternative is low end and low/mid in other words utter shite - really hurts for someone who has an 8GB card - the thought of me having to purchase a 3GB/4GB card which is less powerful than what I have next time I upgrade makes me SICK!  So to all of you who's Commodore 64, AMIGAS, Atari, etc, gathering dust, don't throw them away yet, they might become useful eventually. 
Tips, Tutorials, Examples / Re: Old GM projects working in LINUX
« Last post by Wendigo on February 09, 2018, 06:00:27 AM »
Thanks for sharing. I have never really used the building blocks but it is interesting what one can achieve with them.
Tips, Tutorials, Examples / Old GM projects working in LINUX
« Last post by hpg678 on February 08, 2018, 10:05:03 AM »
I was going through some past projects on an old hard drive and I came across this old Breakout game created by Mark Overmars in Gamemaker 6. The first Game maker game I ever studied in DRAG n DROP. Being nostalgic I made some changes and tweaks to it and have it running in ENIGMA.

It is a great example for Beginners and DRAG n DROP users to learn from and I hope it helps out any ENIGMA beginners as well.

The changes I made:
  • Removal of the Display Instructions
  • Highscore Table
For some reason the 'show_highscore_table()' action does not work in LINUX. Neither does the 'display_message' action. Unfortunately, It doesn't run in Windows and I'm not sure if it will on a Mac.
 You can download the source file from here.

Issues Help Desk / Re: Turning On A Variable Disables Character Movement
« Last post by Josh @ Dreamland on February 06, 2018, 12:02:42 PM »
As you have probably noticed, var<Vacuum> object_Mouth is not valid syntax (well, it technically resembles valid syntax, but as the compiler pointed out, var is not a template).

The error you posted is actually a warning; it will not prevent your game from building nor harm its function. Interesting to note, though—I'm not sure why that function is being generated if ENIGMA is not using it. Probably a sloppy refactor.

How are you assigning to this global variable? How are you reading from it? This sounds as though there may be disparity, there. Are you declaring it global explicitly? If so, how?
Issues Help Desk / Re: Turning On A Variable Disables Character Movement
« Last post by Hoohee on February 06, 2018, 03:50:42 AM »
I'm bumping this to say that I've never gotten this error before, so far as I know.  Why declaring some global variables would cause it, I also don't know.

I also converted everything involving global variables (I think) to code.  Granted, it was GML, so that might not work completely.
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