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Off-Topic / The Creeper
« on: March 10, 2014, 12:33:09 AM »

YoYoGames are winning the race. But not for long!
ENIGMA's shaders system is buggy, incomplete, and
completely incompatible with GMStudio. An easy fix;
there are two fantastic shaders on the GMC that no
3D ENIGMA game should be built without:

1) Realtime Dynamic 3D Shadows
2) Realtime 3D Bones & Animations

If we won't support these any time soon that for me
would be a nightmare because ENIGMA's 3D is the
same as GM 8.1 which is terrible and ugly beyond
measure. For anyone to be able to make a serious 3D
game in ENIGMA, these two shaders are a must-have!

Edit: I found another shader that is very useful, but it
isn't near as popular and not as many people would
use it. It's hard to implement due to how it was coded.

3) Outlined 3D Cel Shading

This shader is pretty cool too but it's not as pressing,
we should focus on this one down the road when
there's more important things fixed and out of the way.
I just hope outlined cel shading will be a working part
of ENIGMA at least sooner or later. :)

Your thoughts?

General ENIGMA / 360 degree gravity engine
« on: March 06, 2014, 08:53:47 AM »
I was really hoping this would work in ENIGMA because I considered using it in the last world for Alien Joe Bob but sadly it doesn't work (yet). It's the physics engine 2Dcube used for They Need To Be Fed. I also think it would really impress some more people from the GMC, sandbox, etc and convince them to try out ENIGMA.

Issues Help Desk / Josh! Help Me! My Life Is In Danger!!
« on: March 02, 2014, 01:11:55 PM »
Not only I can't upload my games and screenshots from the EDC menu, I can't even submit them as external links which used to be the only option, and that used to work. Don't mean to badger you Josh, but please let me know whenever this is fixed in a PM so I won't have to test it repeatedly, thanks! :D


Works in Progress / Alien Joe Bob - Mechanics Engine
« on: March 01, 2014, 09:56:30 PM »

Download the source EGM, GM81, and Windows EXE's.
If the project doesn't work with the version of ENIGMA
or GMStudio you are using, download these installers.

For educational use only. This is the basic mechanics
engine I am going to be using for my project, "Alien Joe
Bob". Do NOT distribute this zip or any of its contents
without my written consent. Thank you.

Edit: Why did someone lock this? Because I sure don't
remember doing it. Anyway, I unlocked it, didn't know
I had that capability.

General ENIGMA / Getting the Word Out About ENIGMA
« on: February 26, 2014, 12:49:28 PM »
Here we all can post links of any efforts we or other people have done to advertise ENIGMA on other websites. =) to make it short and to the point, consistent, and organized, for each person who advertised ENIGMA in their post you are going to link to, put a bullet point in front of where you credit them ("•") and underneath that list the actual links to their ENIGMA adviertisement  prefixed with a greater than sign / right arrow and a space so the link will be click-able ("> ") We need to find more sites to advertise that aren't being run by companies developing commercial products that compete with ENIGMA, I'm going to add some more of my own such advertisements in due time. =)

•I did this one yesterday on a forum that doesn't have many members, and 1 person already said they'd give ENIGMA a shot! :D

•Robert B Colton did these, unfortunately some of them were locked because they were posted on forums run by companies developing commercial products that compete with ENIGMA, which have a space and star suffix (" *")
> *

•Josh @ Dreamland, IsmAvatar, & TGMG

General ENIGMA / Self-Extracting ENIGMA Portable
« on: February 24, 2014, 09:51:47 PM »
7zip isn't Windows-exclusive, to my knowledge it runs on Linux and Mac, too. So why do we only have a compiled 7zip installer on windows? Why do we have to compile ourselves on Linux and Mac? Is it a time issue?

Programming Help / Mark the Penguin HD - WORKS IN ENIGMA !!! :D
« on: February 15, 2014, 10:59:18 PM »
So, my game works 100% exactly the same in GM 8.1 and GMStudio as it does in ENIGMA.
However before I can expand my game further at this point I need some help with the
game's physics, I don't know what's wrong with my code but when the penguin character is
on land there's no issues, I have that taken care of. But when underwater, when colliding
with walls sometimes the collision slides and looks perfectly smooth, how it should, other
times not so much. I don't know what is causing this inconsistency but it appears to work
properly and not work properly at random timing.

If anyone is in a position to help, let me know and I'll send you the *.egm source in a PM. I
know the issue isn't a bug in ENIGMA because I've had the same results in both GM 8.1 and
GMStudio. Thanks in advance. Hopefully this will have a quick and easy fix, it seems it will.

In just the past year or so ENIGMA has come a very long way, it used to be that I couldn't
ever load my projects, and when I could, it threw errors that made no sense and often
crashed if the game successfully built for a test run. Almost never worked with even the
most simple games. Now, everything has and still is changing much for the better. My
game loads, compiles, and runs beautifully. I can't thank you guys enough for hangin in
there, the work is more than appreciated. =)

Shits and giggles,

Off-Topic / YYG's "GM game of the month" isn't a GM game :P
« on: February 12, 2014, 02:03:38 PM »
YoYoGames' "GM game of the month" wasn't made in GM. Boy are they stupid. The person who submitted this shit to their showcase just wanted any bit of extra publicity they could get their hands on.

It's for PS4, Vita, and WiiU I'm very positive he used a cross platform tool that wasn't GMS because these platforms aren't possible. I highly doubt he re-wrote that game from the ground up in GM just so he could have PC, Mac, and Linux support because he most likely was using an engine that already exported those. I really doubt he re-wrote his game a single time for this.

It's really pissing me off that either way he's getting his game featured, advertised on their home page, and a contest winner when worst case scenerio it wasn't even made in GMS, whether whole or in part.

General ENIGMA / Can't post game.
« on: February 11, 2014, 09:58:11 PM »
When I try to upload an example it gives me this shit:
Notice: Undefined index: action in /var/www/html/ on line 29


Issues Help Desk / lgl / lib not working
« on: February 11, 2014, 06:42:39 PM »
I wrote a Lib that works just fine in GM 8.1.
As for Studio it doesn't work unless I use quotes
around the "display text" argument (argument0)
so without much trouble it works in Studio too.

But not in ENIGMA. The lib is supposed draw a
rect at the bottom of the screen with text of a
different color overlapping it. The rect can
optionally have alpha transparency. But the
last argument is labeled "Visible Only If:"
so for that argument if you want the message
to be visible at all you need to make sure this
argument's value is equal to 1 or true for
however long you want it to remain visible.

It's a very simple lib and in ENIGMA it always
has an invisible rect, black text, and the string
"0" which even when I change the arguments
still all I get is a black "0". Not what it's
supposed to do at all.

My LGL / LIB can be found here so you can
see it for yourself: Download ZIP

PS Mark the Penguin is running flawlessly in
ENIGMA ATM other than the issues with this
lib so I need this fixed it's the only thing
preventing my game from working in ENIGMA.


« on: February 10, 2014, 12:27:31 PM »
Share your jokes. Make them extra stale.

What do you get when you dip an OS X laptop in a bowl of melted mozzarella? Drum roll please...



Proposals / Embed SWF?
« on: February 01, 2014, 11:20:34 PM »
This might be a bit niche but any chance we could have a bbcode tag for embedding flash SWF's on this here forums? This would open a lot of new opportunities for advertisement whereas when I make a game the screenshots, even animated gifs, videos buffer which is annoying and don't do it justice. Something about having it in the webpage and being able to interact with it mildly without having to download the actual game could give people a more accurate means to discover ahead of time whether they should download it.

Your thoughts?

Proposals / Request: Cursor Lock
« on: February 01, 2014, 05:30:51 PM »
This would be great for my game or pretty much any game with first person 3D mouse look. A way to draw the cursor in the center of the game window and keep it drawn there without it technically always being there.

In other words, 3D mouse look is usually done in ENIGMA / GM by setting the cursor to the center of the window every step, and between each step the mouse_x/y values changed is then used to rotate the 3D projection like a camera. But in between each step if the cursor is set to visible it will look retarded because in between each step the cursor moves away from the center coordinates. Usually this is dealt with by keeping the cursor invisible and using a crosshair sprite drawn ortho to the center of the screen.

But I'd like to not use a sprite, I'd strongly prefer using the actual cursor. So I thought, is there a way to draw the current cursor to the center of the window at all times, even when it technically isn't there in between steps when moved?

Something like this is what I'd like to have...

Code: [Select]
//Locks the cursor to the center of screen
//Arg1/2 are ignored when Arg0 is 0/false
//Arg0 (bool) - lock cursor? 0 or 1 / true or false
//Arg1 (real) - X screen coordinate
//Arg2 (real) - Y screen coordinate

I think this isn't that hard to add I hope someone could do this for me <3

Works in Progress / Dungeon Blabber
« on: January 28, 2014, 09:56:43 AM »
Dungeon Blabber... a classic pre-rendered 3D, first-person, point-and-click, puzzle, adventure game with well-known, old-school, Myst-like gameplay. Not to be released for quite some time as this is my first "serious" project that I fully intend to work on until it's complete and spotless. What do you guys think? =)

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