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General ENIGMA / Simplified means to install Enigma on Ubuntu?
« on: April 27, 2013, 05:16:32 PM »
I read this page thoroughly:
Have no idea how to install this dang thing.


Works in Progress / Mark the Penguin
« on: April 27, 2013, 12:47:56 PM »

Left click and hold down to move. Click multiple times to accelerate when mark gets tired underwater.

Don't run out of health or breath or else you as the game player will grow purple warts, die slowly, followed by human combustion. And you'll get a game
over, thus sending you back to level one.

Mark and his buddies Albird and Methuselah have been left behind by the penguin colony! Can you help them reunite with their beloved families?
Look around in each level for "Albird the foolish" he will help you get a background  for what is going on in the story. Look for "Methuselah the wise"
for hints and help when you get stuck and  don't know what to do next. You'll usually find them on land.

Unfortunately, enimga has a lot of bugs going on with this particular game, so until those bugs are fixed,
the download link will give a an executable compiled with GameMaker:Studio.

Download here:

Have Fun!
Time Killer Games Produtcions

Issues Help Desk / Mark the Penguin [Weird Glitch]
« on: April 26, 2013, 08:53:25 PM »
So I got sidetracked way from the html5 export as a result of noticing this major problem with engima.
I'm trying to port this game to work with enigma. Major issue - Using the exact same source, GameMaker 8.1 nd GMS work just how they sould.

On enigma, however, the tilesets are out of place, objects are in rooms they aren't supposed to be in, and the objects that should be in a room are sometimes out of place. And my retarted walrus enemy won't move, even though it works in GM8.1 and GMS (everything appears to be just fine in the room editor, when i run it it looks like it god hit by a schoolbus).

This screenshot demonstates the general difference:

Here's the source, use it for helping me out with no other purpose in mind (i.e. don't distribute it or claim it as your own in any way).


Off-Topic / Can someone give an honest rating on my games?
« on: April 26, 2013, 10:37:55 AM »
A lot of people from GameJolt really hate me and thus I have been downrated like crazy. I deleted my games numerous times and reuploaded end them and its getting tiresome how determined these freaks are to not give an honest rating. They down rate me because they don't like me which us very immature. And I'm completely over it.

Anyone who plays and gives an honest rating and or honest feedback it is highly appreciated.

Here's my games, none of which are fully polished:

Thanks in advance I highly appreciate it you guys :)

General ENIGMA / Flash, Java, and Html5 target exports for EGM
« on: April 25, 2013, 03:17:48 PM »
Alright, enigma has been in dire need of this for years. So if anyone wants to develop a flash or java target, I'll be making an html5 target in the meantime. Who ever wants to get started on this with me, we can set plans and priorities, and share our progress along the way.

First things first - The Flash target. This will require the Apache Flex compiler. Why add flash support? I thought html5 was supposed to replace flash? Well, there are plenty of devices that don't and never will fully support html5. Here's a list:

•PS3? (Not tested but I'm assuming)
•PSM? (Again not sure about this one)
•Nintendo DS
•Nintendo DSi
Nintendo 3DS
•Nintendo Wii
•and almost every good, halfway decent website to share your online game, will only accept flash uploads. This is gonna be the case for a long, long time.

So why not add a flash target? This is what hundreds of game maker users have been wanting for years is a flash target. There a countless topic discussing G-Flash and stuff like "how to convert GM to SWF?" Topics all around in the gmc. YYG didn't care at all about the demand for it, so they went ahead and added an html5 target instead which wasn't what hardly anyone wanted or asked for. Which if you ask me is a slap in the face from YYG.

•Java Target. Not as pressing as a flash or html5 target, but it would still be pretty cool to have one jar file run as a complete program on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Without having to download separate versions depending on the OS. An applet option would also be good, because again a lot of the more popular sites only allow either flash or java uploads.

•Html5 target, this would be great for the future, when more people, websites, and devices move on into it, as well as iOS browser support. This is the one I'm ready to develop literally the next time I have access to my PC, which will be tomorrow afternoon.

Tell me what you think guys I hope this will be taken into consideration. :)

Time Killer Games Productions

General ENIGMA / Changing Screen Resolution
« on: April 25, 2013, 10:56:50 AM »
 :smileycat: gotta love that cat...

Anyway, enigma should really have a built in means to change the screen resolution.

But for now, you guys can use this dll:

To make it easier to implement in enigma itself, I included the CodeBlocks/C++ source.

Time Killer Games Productions

Third Party / GameMakerTools
« on: April 24, 2013, 04:50:18 PM »
I didn't make any of the programs, credit all goes to their respectful owners as described in ReadMe files and in-program about menus.

*Enigma and LateralGM (No Der)
*Tululoo Html5 Game Maker
*GM Anti-Decompiler
*Frozen Nova
*GMK Splitter
*GM6 Vista Converter
*Game Maker 4.3
*GM4 to GM5 converter
*And more, please submit your program and I'll add it to the distribution.

Not added, but will be:
*An Open Source Game Maker clone written in Visual Basic i found on google code

*an open source instant play plugin I created (named HostExe, written in VB6 ActiveX)

*and another open source instant play plugin, this one I didn't make, (named AppEmbed, written in Java)

Download the full package:

Time Killer Games Productions

Issues Help Desk / How do I Change the MinGW Directory?
« on: January 28, 2013, 02:13:32 PM »
I have a limited, non administrative account, which gives me zero access to run enigma. "Access Denied: C:\Windows\"
I'm not sure but I feel that if I cpould somehow edit the default directory that ENIGMA expects to fid MinGW and change it from C:\Windows to my desktop directory, which is where it is located will then allow me to run enigma properly. How do I do this?

Thanks in advance!

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