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Off-Topic / Re: Restructuring the Community
« on: September 24, 2014, 03:09:09 PM »
I actually want to say that DaSpirit is right and I have come around to somewhat agree. I have been less and less wild in my postings and a lot more focused on being constructive, including topics not getting out of hand. I take a different approach though, I do not want to see this community lose its freedom and I do not want to see anarchy and I do not want to pick favorites like the GMC administrators do (aristocracy), I like everyone here and my objective is that everybody gets along, criticism is always welcome.

Quote from: onpon
I imagine it's for the same reason that I do: use of racist and homophobic slurs, and other crude or offensive language. Like "GayMaka: Stupido". I was honestly surprised that Robert B Colton is apparently a young adult and not a pre-teen.
I just have to respectfully disagree to that, for one because I am gay and two because that misnomer is entirely harmless.

Quote from: DaSpirit
The website: Josh (the project leader) has had a new website design for a while (a few years actually) that would make ENIGMA look like the product it is. I asked him about this before, and he said that he hesitates putting it up because ENIGMA is indeed a WIP product, and he didn't want it to seem as if it was finished. The current home page is horrible. It's the first thing you see, and already, the product seems unprofessional.
I agree with this as well, we could at least remove hypnotoad and the derogatory comments from the footer as well as update the copyright after 2 years for god sakes. Not only does it look unprofessional, it looks dead!

Quote from: egofree
They give a lot of their time to help people, and we should be very grateful for this.
This is also something I agree with that sometimes I don't think people grasp a lot, I give up a considerable amount of my time to assist people, generally for my own enjoyment but I also like helping people and so do a lot of our contributors and community members.

All things herein considered I do not agree with bullshit topics like this as I just find it a huge waste of everyone's time and breathe, if you want to see the community to improve make a concerted and earnest effort to improve the conditions as well as to resolve disputes among members, democracy stops working when people stop believing in it.

General ENIGMA / Re: Please vote for ENIGMA's new license
« on: September 24, 2014, 03:02:00 PM »
I don't think the obligation is that you have to redistribute ENIGMA, you just need to accommodate access to and provide information about the program used to make your game or program. Just saying I built this game with ENIGMA, here's the link where you can download it and its source code is suffice.

Additionally what Josh most likely means by you can sell your game, is that you can sell your game and we basically won't give a shit, I go to college I got much better things to do than try to ride someone else's coattails, if you make the next Crappy Bird in ENIGMA and become a millionaire more power to you just don't forget to mention that our engine was used, to do otherwise would be pretty rude. I believe this is pretty reasonable and that any reasonable person would agree with me.

General ENIGMA / Re: New Portable
« on: September 24, 2014, 09:55:37 AM »
Holy crap I actually fixed it in my recent commits, I was not even trying to fix this bug either. I have closed it, and you are welcome egofree!

Finished Games / Re: Laboratory Escape 3D
« on: September 24, 2014, 12:21:36 AM »
I agree, TKG is pretty good about bringing out very polished games relatively fast.

General ENIGMA / Re: New Portable
« on: September 23, 2014, 11:57:39 PM »
Hey egofree! I've updated the Portable ZIP with recent fixes for TKG's game in which I also fixed GL views. Please test and let me know if this fixes the inconsistency.

room_caption is actually one thing I agree with deprecating though, I guess we just won't make a pressing issue out of it. I'd rather have a Global Game Setting called Application Title or something.

Anyway, TKG there are two more bugs, one of them is your fault and ours, and the other is somebodies. First, your Studio built exe seems to hide the taskbar icon, can I ask how you are doing that, through your extension? I want to know why our version is not doing that. Second, in rm_splash you have background 0 set visible but no background set, this is actually what was causing your EGM executable to crash for me, it's partially your fault and partially our fault because we need to expand debug mode code and I want a warning for that, but I actually found this by running in debug mode because I wanted debug symbols to run your game through GDB.

This is the specific issue where I want to add a warning for it, possibly even through the IDE we are looking at having symbolic output like Visual Studio where you can click on the messages and they will open relevant editors.

Edit: I fixed the GL viewports now as well to make the top left like Direct3D. With this patch your game runs just as good in Direct3D as it does in GL.

So this leaves us with 3 minor issues why the taskbar icon is visible in run or compile or debug mode, deprecating room caption, and the already open issue about visible backgrounds that don't exist and adding symbolic feedback for it.

Edit 2: I've included all the fixes in a new Portable ZIP.

Finished Games / Re: Window Styler, Web Browser, and Embed Program
« on: September 23, 2014, 10:16:44 PM »
Guys this extension actually had another bug, we were not setting the window flags consistent with GM8.1 which was causing the window size to report bigger than it was which was also adversely affecting the GUI and viewport scaling. Please fetch/pull from master and this extension should work perfectly now, I will have the fix in the next Portable ZIP.

Edit: Fixes included in the new Portable ZIP.

Actually it looks like it was the window style flags that were screwing up the GUI scaling, so my scaling code was all correct, the pull request I just submitted should fix that, fetch/pull TKG and test your game with Direct3D9 you should get the following minus the 1024 number in the top left.

So that kills two birds with one stone, now we just have three issues left. I am going to host a discussion about moving the Room Caption functionality into the GM5 extension tomorrow and get everyone's opinion on it. I'll work out the dll issue soon enough. The OpenGL upside down shit we've been discussing for a while.

Side Note: This is actually quite funny, I was not even attempting to fix your issue directly I got side tracked fixing the window flags and accidentally fixed your issue too, this is such a coincidence!

Off-Topic / Re: I'm officially not . . .
« on: September 23, 2014, 08:18:18 PM »
I can't tell it's a secret :P

Ok I've figured out all of your issues.

1) The dll is in the EGM exe folder and it crashes if I just double click the file to execute it. If I open a CLI and CD to the dir and run it, it crashes. If I run it in GDB or compile it from LGM myself it's fine and never crashes so apparently nothing is wrong :P I think this may be rooted in working_directory or something the external/dll functions may not recognize the OS working directory, I know that some Windows functions do not. Further testing is required.

This was caused by background in rm_splash being set visible but not existing.

2) I can't do anything at the moment about Room Captions, idk what to tell you TKG unless you want to lead a debate about removing room caption from LGM/ENIGMA you'll have to just change it in all rooms or add some "room_caption = " code to the room start event of some persistent object.

EDIT: After thinking about it, I think we really should remove room_caption. I've never used it, I've never seen anyone use it, usually people want the same consistent room caption for the duration of the game, there have only been a few exceptions to this rule, and it's not like you can't set the window caption still.

3) There's actually nothing wrong with views, there's something wrong with GL views they are upside down like framebuffers which I did not realize so the y value of the port is inverted, if you run your game in Direct3D9 it renders fine.

4) The GUI is actually scaled properly, for some reason your window_get_width is becoming 1034 while the region and scaled width are both 1024, and I tested a new empty game and this does not occur, you don't appear to be changing the size either and your views are all 1024, so I can't figure out what is resizing the window. But it could in fact be ur extension doing this dirty business.

5) I can't seem to replicate any mouse scaling issues, all my mouse clicks seem to translate properly, given the graphics system is Direct3D9

General ENIGMA / Re: OS-X Cross-Compilation is now in master
« on: September 23, 2014, 08:03:04 PM »
This is some nice work sorlok! These cross compilers are very very important especially when considering indie developers who can't afford multiple development machines.

Ok so far I've done some analyzing, apparently window_set_caption(); overrides all room captions with Studio I have not yet tested GM8.1

Second the ENIGMA executable crashes unless called from a command line with the explicit full path. Something to do with working_directory implementation that I will have to check out since you just use the local file name to load the dll.

Off-Topic / Re: I'm officially not . . .
« on: September 23, 2014, 06:59:51 PM »
I just want to let you know ed that you should take nothing for granted and don't let higher edumucation go to your head.

Ideas and Design / Re: In need of a Sonic fangame engine for Enigma
« on: September 23, 2014, 05:16:35 PM »
The Bad
A major problem with all of these is that every one would require a lot of recoding to even work in Studio because of their reliance on the deprecated variable maps and dynamic execution/reflection. We do intend to add support for these features, but I am thinking about taking the time some day and adding the variable maps (variable_local_get/set) and adding a compatibility setting but I think Josh would probably prefer I hold off on that so I am not sure. In fact I have faith that if someone took the time to implement the functions the Sonic SRU engine would work, it only uses them to lookup the animations by name, this is one of the things I hate about how people used the variable maps, too lazy to write their own maps with data structures.

The Mundane
I want to assist you with this HitCoder so while waiting for TKG to respond to me I decided to do some more digging.

First you guys missed a couple of other engines out there.
Sonic Geneis/Advance Engine originally in GM6 and also repurposed:
Sonic Rex Engine:
Super Sonic SRU Tutorial:

There is also the following blog I found which describes some of the math involved in making a Sonic engine with GM.
There is also the Sonic Physics Guide.
And here is a whole list of resources about Sonic games in GM.

The Good
The following tutorial works perfectly. Just rename the room when you download it because it has illegal tokens.

This tutorial is the same as the one before, just rename the room and it should run.

I'll post back with more later.

Go ahead and send me the file in a PM TKG, this is partially related to me scaling the views to emulate application_surface. Should all be very easy to fix.

But first Problem #4 is not actually a problem, heh. This is the way GM8 behaved, during what you call the black screen this is the initialization period where the loading bar is shown, since we don't have a loading bar this is the period at which Studio shows a splash screen which I was intending to implement. Nothing actually changed in my recent commit is what I want to point out to you I in fact partially corrected this behavior because we do not make the window visible until the graphics context is created and then we load.

The initialize_everything() call after that is where loading occurs, this is why the window is black during this point in time. What needs to happen I believe is that EnableDrawing() should render the splash screen.

Problem #5 is basically the same as the views, I just need to tweak some variables.

And #3 I will simply have to investigate, I know we block the caption from changing if it does not actually change but I don't know what is wrong I will have to see the project to determine.

Additionally for #1 and #2 it would help to see the Studio and or GM8 equivalent screen shot, just so I know for sure how it is supposed to scale. Also it is important to remember that for issues such as these it is better to make small individual test cases that reproduce the issues, I hate having to fix bugs in large games it becomes very time consuming.