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Off-Topic / Re: Brilliant tip to not forget your password !
« on: November 04, 2014, 03:36:54 PM »
hahahahahaha this one actually made me laugh   :D

Ideas and Design / Re: In need of a Sonic fangame engine for Enigma
« on: November 04, 2014, 02:46:20 PM »
Quote from: HitCoder
It works, thank you. :)
Good I am glad that fixed it! I am sorry I wasn't able to figure it out sooner, I am getting better at reading these exception logs lol.  (Y)

Quote from: TheExDeus
That is a usual problem here. I also often forget about it. I think LGM should show an error saying "Have you downloaded the correct plugin.jar?" whenever ENIGMA .dll crashes.
It's not actually the DLL failing Hari, it's loading all of the native methods perfectly fine, the problem is LGM is calling a new method or something that it expects to be in ENIGMA's Java plugin which is not there, hence AbstractMethodError and not segfault.

The plugin however does show its own exception dialog.

Currently the only place it is ever possible to get two exception dialogs is when both the plugin Jar and LateralGM have an exception, which is impossible because the exception dialog blocks all other exception dialogs so that you can still close the application, at least theoretically. You would want to change the plugin exception message.

Ideas and Design / Re: In need of a Sonic fangame engine for Enigma
« on: November 04, 2014, 02:37:27 PM »
Try it I want to make sure that it works.

Ideas and Design / Re: In need of a Sonic fangame engine for Enigma
« on: November 04, 2014, 02:31:28 PM »
Hahahaha, I think I know what is wrong. You only downloaded the new LGM but not the new plugin. Replace the plugin jar in enigma-dev/plugins/enigma.jar as well.

That should fix it.

Issues Help Desk / Re: LateralGM seems to have just... stopped compiling?
« on: November 04, 2014, 02:22:57 PM »
Oh wow onpon, it looks like you've managed to do something nobody else has done in years, encounter a GMK loading exception :P

I went back and tested lgm16b4 and the issue existed there as well. I have filed a support ticket for you so that I can get feedback from IsmAvatar.

Ideas and Design / Re: In need of a Sonic fangame engine for Enigma
« on: November 04, 2014, 02:06:41 PM »
This is really weird, I was able to open both of the project files perfectly fine and save them back to disk as well as compile them with no problems.

A couple of things:
1) Are you still able to reproduce the issue?
2) Try opening enigma.exe first, and then using the open dialog to open the file.
3) If that does not work try opening enigma.exe by itself and going to File->Recent Files->Clear and loading your project again.
4) Try changing the look and feel to something other than what you have it set to.
5) What look and feel were you using?

Off-Topic / Re: Game engine architecture
« on: November 04, 2014, 04:17:24 AM »
ego sent me this in a PM and I thought it was really cool and pretty damn useful. I am planning on taking a deeper look at it if I can find the time away from fixing LGM bugs, perhaps after the stable release or over thanks giving! Thanks for sharing ego! :D

Issues Help Desk / Re: A quick question about .lib files.
« on: November 04, 2014, 02:26:53 AM »
Well a good place to start is the Wiki there is obviously a couple of differences in the two software and certain things we haven't gotten to yet.

The following page lists unimplemented functions.

One such feature not currently implemented is the save and load game functions. We need to write serialized dump methods for objects to dump all their variables, additionally the save and load functions from GM are extremely inefficient because they save things they shouldn't. Important to note is that ENIGMA does not sandbox file functions, so you can read and write files the same in GM except you can do it anywhere on the computer or device.

I can't really say much on the compile failure without seeing the output log, we basically just spit out mingw's output, mingw is the C++ compiler we use, JustDefineIt is our parser written by JoshDreamland which translates your game and GML into C++ or JavaScript and then we use a compiler to build and link it with certain libraries, in this case MinGW on Windows and GCC on Linux and Mac.

Please visit or and send me the link to the output log. Additionally if you would like you can private message me the source file and I can attempt to build it on my end as well.

Developing ENIGMA / Re: LateralGM
« on: November 04, 2014, 12:34:08 AM »
Well let me go into a little bit of detail here. First, I am using JToolBar for that filter because I wanted the buttons to render as tool buttons so they are nicer and more compact looking, plus this way you can drag it around and even hide it easily. Some look and feels would not allow the search filter text field to stretch out, one of these is the default Swing look and feel, but the Windows look and feel does let it stretch out. So I decided to use a GroupLayout to get the text field to stretch under all look and feels. Now we update the look and feel after changing it in preferences using updateComponentTreeUI on every Window, at this point I believe the layout is being destroyed or replaced back with the default toolbar layout.

There are also other issues with this currently, switching look and feels with decorated windows will sometimes remove window borders when switching to the Windows look and feel. The event panel layout is also screwed up, but interestingly this is the default way it is laid out under some of the Synthetica look and feels which suggests I may be able to easily fix that. Additionally trees like the one for navigating preferences will show the look and feel default icons for the nodes even though they are turned off for the tree. There are also other inconsistencies when switching look and feels like UI properties, fonts, and colors not being updated and removed.

So really, the look and feel system was never designed to be switched at runtime. I was honestly considering making the user have to restart for the look and feel to take effect at all, but currently I am looking for solutions to work around these problems. Additionally I would appreciate anyone that can reproduce the JDK Focus Traversal bug which is specifically related to renaming resources on KDE test the jars I have posted to the support ticket.

Ideas and Design / Re: In need of a Sonic fangame engine for Enigma
« on: November 03, 2014, 07:10:16 PM »
We already have the code editor preferences outlined, look in the new preferences window, but don't set them they are not finished and are unlikely to work. It is expected to be finished before 1.8.7 major release

Second, can you PM me a download link to the project file so I can attempt it myself? The output log is getting mangled because it looks like you're loading it from the command line or file association.

Additionally, does this project work under the old LateralGM before you updated?

Ideas and Design / Re: In need of a Sonic fangame engine for Enigma
« on: November 03, 2014, 04:21:04 PM »
Why does the splash screen say LateralGM? Because the IDE is LateralGM, it works without ENIGMA, ENIGMA only provides the ability to compile games and supplies the run buttons and stuff. The whole point is that LateralGM and ENIGMA are completely separate programs that can be used independently of each other which lets us appeal to a wider audience.

Also you can now use a custom background image for the MDI area, create a folder called "lookandfeels" next to enigma-dev/lateralgm.jar and put an image called "lgmbackground.png" in the folder and restart if you already have LGM open and it will use your supplied image as the new background. This is so users can use a dark compatible background with dark look and feels, in addition to allowing you to simply customize it.


Quote from: HitCoder
I got an error upon opening a save file, however, it does not allow me to access the window with the error, and therefore I could not copy to clipboard, however, I have the HS_ERR_PID file, I think it has the right details (if not, more details)

Actually enigma-dev/output_log.txt is more useful in this case.

Developing ENIGMA / Re: LateralGM
« on: November 03, 2014, 01:58:24 PM »
I really can't do much about that egofree, it's mainly a Java Swing issue with it not updating the layouts properly, that is why the message box states that you may have to restart for some settings to take effect. I think I may in fact disable it automatically updating and force you to restart to change the look and feel, because there are other issues caused by updating it immediately that aren't really fixable.

Issues Help Desk / Re: A quick question about .lib files.
« on: November 03, 2014, 01:44:38 PM »
Howdy TOT_COMICS! Most of the LateralGM directories are not actually created automatically, this is because we release it as a single jar because it can be used separately from ENIGMA to just edit files but not run them. We hook ENIGMA which is C++ in using a Java plugin, which is in enigma-dev/plugins/engima.jar

So to add libs you want to create the folder "lib" next to lateralgm.jar and place the libs inside that folder. We also have our own action lib maker that supports LGM's LGL format and GM's lib format, but it doesn't really matter you can use .libs or .lgl's we support both action library formats in LateralGM.

Just like GameMaker you will need to restart for the action library to be loaded. I hope you find my response helpful, and let me know how it goes! (Y)

Also I did a quick test to make sure my instructions were correct and I was able to use the following 3D Action Library from the GMC.

It appears we however do not support the transparency key in them, for which I have opened a support ticket.

Edit: I have fixed the transparency bug on the tracker and it will be fixed in the next minor release of LGM and I will post it in my other topic.

Ideas and Design / Re: In need of a Sonic fangame engine for Enigma
« on: November 03, 2014, 01:40:34 PM »
Probably, I've completely finished the search feature now, try downloading the new version, the latest version should search all drag and drop actions. Plus when it opens the code editor it will focus the line number of the search result. Just follow the topic I make regular updates there until we reach stable version 1.8.7 at which point I will an announcement and a new Portable ZIP.

Issues Help Desk / Re: Bug report 02/11/14 5PM EST (10PM GMT+1)
« on: November 02, 2014, 05:20:54 PM »
It's fine, where exactly did he download from? The Portable ZIP on our website? It would probably help if I would update it soon to the new LGM, which I will be doing once it reaches a stable version.

If you could at least give me any other information to reproduce the issue he was having I would appreciate it so that I can at least prevent the same exception from occurring again in the future.