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General ENIGMA / Re: GLSL Shader and Tessellation Support
« on: March 25, 2013, 03:31:38 PM »
That's weird the link opens fine for me?

But yes I notice a difference all the way up to 16x, it get's a little bit unnoticeable after 8x though but you can definitely see it. You can look at the function code all it does is query the ARB extension for the maximum supported level, so if you're seeing the option for 16x your hardware definitely supports it.

As far as your other edit, that is discerning I do not think Josh was aware of this, I'll have to confer with him about it.

Edit: And hey sorry I didn't add the function's yet for the uniform location's and stuff, I wanted to set up material's first so I could ensure multitexturing was working by doing a bumpmap shader, and for me to do that I had to rewrite the models/primitives first to use VBO's so I could extend the function API to allow multitextured coordinates. Right now I am trying to outline a shell for a DX9.0 graphics system and boot it into WINE to get it at least drawing a basic triangle, to save work for the next guy's who come along and want a DX graphics port.

General ENIGMA / Re: GLSL Shader and Tessellation Support
« on: March 25, 2013, 02:08:49 PM »
Ohhh ok, im sorry, yes I am aware I haven't gotten the cube's just right yet, there going to use a VBO with scaling/transformation so that should really boost the speed up from having to rebuild them on the CPU everytime.

The aniso thing sound's wierd, I think it might be your graphic's card... <- heres a gif animation of anisofiltering.


Off-Topic / Re: Introductions
« on: March 25, 2013, 01:53:07 PM »
Well welcome to both of you! We appreciate every bit of help we can get, especially documenting on the Wiki.  :) Your welcome to stay as long as you like, you just gotta let us see all the cool things your doing with ENIGMA  ;)

General ENIGMA / Re: GLSL Shader and Tessellation Support
« on: March 25, 2013, 01:48:59 PM »
Ahhh you must have a way more up to date OGL version than I do, I don't understand though I got the shader script from a source that's OGL 3.0 but allot has changed in GLSL, you just need to change the two .glsl scripts included to make it work like a newer shader that output was generated by the GLSL compiler.

But hey don't worry about speed yet, I just rewrote the models to use VBO's in the new graphic's system, that means moving everything graphic's related onto the GPU freeing the CPU up for heavy calculation's such as Aritificial Intelligience so the speed difference will be negligible unless your game is doing allot of calculation's. But as for this example, those cube's are drawn with vertex array pointer's we have a special technique to make it faster, you should be getting at least 100 fps on that, and you will by the time I am finished with the new graphic's system  ;)

As far as anisotropic filtering, you can't just enable it without mipmapping, the point of anisotropic filtering is to increase resolution at oblique angle's, that blurriness that Aniso fixes is caused by mipmapping so you have to use the two hand in hand, set mipmapping to bilinear/trilinear then movew the camera right next to the floor and watch the grid between the textures as you change the aniso level you'll see the lines get much straighter.

Edit: Ohh I forgot to d3d_set_texturing was the function to toggle whether texturing was enabled it's renamed to texture_set_enabled now

General ENIGMA / Re: GLSL Shader and Tessellation Support
« on: March 24, 2013, 09:09:57 PM »
That was my stupidity my bad exdeus, that's the old hardware performance tester, I've updated the link on the EDC sorry  :)

General ENIGMA / GLSL Shader and Tessellation Support
« on: March 23, 2013, 09:03:52 PM »

Just a head's up to everyone ENIGMA now supports GLSL shader's and hardware tessellation  (Y)

Announcements / Re: wxENIGMA Crossplatform IDE in Code::Blocks
« on: March 15, 2013, 09:18:12 AM »
Well right now all I am really trying to do is getting it loading games and compiling all these little preferences are miniscule in the scope of what I am trying to accomplish first.

Have any of you even noticed I added bilinear/trilinear texture filtering and anisotropic filtering?

If you haven't noticed on the toolbar in the new IDE there are a couple of new buttons, one being for models, the second for material surfaces like Unity3D.
I am going to allow you to create a material surface resource and you pick what backgrounds/sprites to use as textures then you can set the texture filtering, you can apply multiple textures for multitexturing, you can add bumpmaps to the material, etc. Then you just use these materials to draw with.

This will allow us to make it so you can directly import models and things from like Blender or whatever your favorite modeling program is, and read the material surface right in, so their won't need to be any pain the ass custom converters like there are for game maker.

Announcements / Re: wxENIGMA Crossplatform IDE in Code::Blocks
« on: March 13, 2013, 03:11:00 AM »
It's "intellisense" not "IntelliSense", its just a term in corporating all those coding features.

Announcements / Re: wxENIGMA Crossplatform IDE in Code::Blocks
« on: March 12, 2013, 05:46:42 AM »
IntelliSense is a non-argument. Seriously, it just allows it to show all the errors in can so you don't have to recompile, but either way it will be optional. Some people like it, like me, some people dont, were just gonna have different aspects of it all as settings, but the system in general will be referred to as Intellisense. That encompasses syntax checking that can show multiple errors, code completion, function definition querying, etc.

Announcements / Re: wxENIGMA Crossplatform IDE in Code::Blocks
« on: March 10, 2013, 10:14:52 PM »
No I haven't even started the image editor forthevin, the goal for now is getting the IDE as solid as possible first. I already have it linking and parsing definitions, the base structure of everything is pretty much lined out, it even compiles, though just an empty game. I am in the process right now of laying out the resource structure then I will be start immediately on the EGM format. But keep in mind this is how I am laying it out, Load/Save (xml .egp, or uncompressed .egm), then Import/Export(GMK, GM81, Compressed EGM, etc). So actual projects loaded in wxENIGMA have to be uncompressed, you must start a new project then import compressed EGM's into it, there has to be a clear distinction between this.

Just don't worry about the image editor for now, my goal is just to have a standard compliant alternative to LGM for now. Then I will begin the image editor so that both LGM and wxENIGMA have one. But thanks for your comment about the logo, I'm new to vector graphics, but I'll try it with atoms on each ring, I was thinking that myself, and it loosk really good as an Icon too :) But as far as the rocket logo, it's just something we can throw around that looks cool to represent ENIGMA, for now I am going to place it on the Wiki, so they it has something other than that gray logo, might actually just use it for the Wiki and the Wiki only, idk.

Also forthevin, if you don't mind me asking, since me and Josh are kind of having a debate, what are your thoughts on Intellisense style syntax checking like Visual Studio does? I am in favor of it, but Josh does not like that it throws bullshit errors, which makes sense, but I disagree as it really only affects opening/closing brackets, and I think it's good for understand the scope of an error. It just makes more logical sense to me...

Announcements / Re: wxENIGMA Crossplatform IDE in Code::Blocks
« on: March 08, 2013, 05:16:57 AM »
Well irregardless its a must, but anyway I agree with you guys, the SVG rocket better represents the development environment as a whole, so it can be used for representing ENIGMA in HD quality from now on, and the old logo will continue to represent the underlying engine and compiler as well as project files, and the space shuttle will represent the development suite as a whole.

Now the new logo I have for wxENIGMA is going to be an atom with the ENIGMA engine logo as the nucleuse, I am still working on it though.

Announcements / Re: wxENIGMA Crossplatform IDE in Code::Blocks
« on: March 06, 2013, 10:36:09 PM »
As far as the icon goes you guys, I am debating keeping the enigma logo as the actual icon, it just fits much better, but wxENIGMA does need a logo of it's own which the one I've picked is fine but is needed to distinguish it from LGM, as well as wxDavinci, which is not started yet but I might as well get it out there too. wxDavinci is going to be the cross platform image editor that I will be the lead programmer of, and it is going to be designed to be extensible through plugins that can add post processing effects and other cool image effects and tools onto the basic ones we provide, it is also going to be designed with the subframe image editing directly inside of it as well as MDI and tab control, allowing you to never actually have to leave the image editor to eg. work on another image, or switch subframes of a sprite.

It is going to be it's own program because we anticipate it to become quite popular due to the lack of Windows Paint style image editors on Linux or open source in general. This will also allow us to go back and integrate it with LateralGM providing both programs with image editing capabilites, as well as advanced post processing effects through the use of wxDavinci plugins.

Now as far as an estimated time of arrival I am not quite sure.... There are a number of things to be done yet, such as...
1) Implement EGM Compression/Decompression
2) Rewrite all the old file imports
some of you suggested to me to have Ism just break hers apart from java, but I am quite certain that after looking at how it's done in LGM I will be able to make a much more optimized and quicker version myself in C++, which again will ensure it continues to get maintained, not many programmers like Java, eg. myself included
3) Develop all the resource editors as modular components to the IDE

Id say by about the end of this month you should expect a version which can at the very least create an EGM or .project xml and then import a compressed EGM. As I said before loading/saving in the new IDE is only done in either .project or uncompressed EGM, in order to get old projects into wxENIGMA you will need to create a new wxENIGMA project in the aforementioned formats, and then import everything from your old project files. But for not we will have importing/exporting for all the GM resource files, global backups, GMK's etc. We just need to distinguish Enigma Projects from Game Maker projects that is all, because they are not the same, and really nobody would want them to be.

how can you not see that as a good idea? now you will be able to actually include models, dll's and other so's, and any file you want inside the hierarchy. Otherwise we would have too many top level directories in order to cover all the resource types. Not to mention we need to add shader resources, polygon vector shapes, material surfaces which bind textures and shaders, model animaitons, etc. etc. or none of that can be achieved. Like I said though it will remain and optional feature. Also probably a good time for me to mention sprite previews on object resources is either going to be optional or not included at all.

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