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Issues Help Desk / Re: There was an issue loading the project
« on: January 18, 2014, 12:09:07 PM »
Hello egofree, I have just attempted to load your project and did so without any errors. There appeared to be no issues with the project and there were no exception messages reported in the output log.

The rooms also appeared fine.

Perhaps, you should try using the LGM from the extra packages page, something may be messed up and perhaps you obtained an older version.

Alright, looks like I failed pretty miserably at this one, at any rate, as you can on the site tracker, Josh just committed his fix which I am testing now, please try git update and test his version of the fixes, he tested on Linux, I am going to test from Windows.

This is his commit.

Go to that file and line and change that call to GetVertexStride() :p

Josh is also attempting to fix it right now.

That's not actually my cubes demo lol it's the GM Studio one that I use to show off how much faster ENIGMA renders it.

Also please try this file.

I doubt you'll be able to pack an RGBA 4 byte color into GLfloat I already tried extensively, but be my guest :\

Issues Help Desk / Re: Sprite font not displayed properly
« on: January 17, 2014, 04:38:21 PM »
I think that is why, try putting quotes around it.

This is the forum post a kind user wrote explaining how it works.
I actually don't know because I leave all of them set to the system defaults, I didn't have anything to do with coding that part of LGM.

If this earlier paste does not work.
Please try this paste in the same file.

I need to know whether each of them works or not.

This is the single biggest thing stopping me from continuing my work on OpenGL3. The next step is to replace the FFP and do custom matrix stuff. Then it should be mainly a copy and paste effort into GLES, and we could probably get Android working again. This is what I've been trying to do this whole time.


I just tested that and the color components do not come out correctly on the cubes demo with GLfloat.

Try copying and pasting this code into GL3ModelStruct.cpp and see if it works.
It works for me, if it works for you than that is the fix we need.

Any concerns with just doing this and calling it a day?
We can't do that because, a color element always has to be 4 bytes. You can't pack an RGBA color into a float because of the IEEE specification. All that needs done I think is the sizeof(gs_scalar) calls changed, but I am not exactly sure what to change them to.

Jimmy if you want to write an ENIGMA hate topic, that is fine, but do it in Off Topic where I moved your topic too, and keep it there.

This is someone else's topic, and it is extremely rude for you to hijack every topic on the forum and make it into ENIGMA hate rants. Girard was looking for a bugfix and I gave him one in less than an hour, so your criticism is not only rude to the OP but also highly misconstrued and incorrect.

There you go.  ENIGMA is very lacking and weak and incomplete.  You nailed it, SIMPLE games.  In no way does it come close to competing with GM.
ENIGMA runs my 3D Mario game, which is a pretty big project, but GM Studio can't run it.

The free version is a good way to get started.
More like a good way to get coned out of your money.

but what good is it when compatibility is so low, and such infrequent updates.......
Girard posted this help topic last night, and I responded with the bugfix in less than an hour, in fact the bugfix is going across the bug tracker feed on the site right now.

By the way thanks for making the case to people as to why Game Maker and it's community are so unfriendly and should be avoided at all costs.

Uhm yay, we're all right here still, I just committed a bug fix last night for someone, and Josh is still working on his compiler. But thanks for the kind words, no really!

Issues Help Desk / Re: Sprite font not displayed properly
« on: January 17, 2014, 10:13:00 AM »
What command did you put in the preferences window? And what image editors do you have installed, and which one are you trying to use?

Please answer these questions and I can help :)

General ENIGMA / Re: DevOps
« on: January 17, 2014, 10:10:31 AM »
Heh, actually no, busy doing my own personal things, which are frankly none of your damn business. My life doesn't revolve around building a free version of GM for people, I am in the top bracket of GitHub developers you know, the top 3% most active C++ devs, so you may want to think before you speak.

General ENIGMA / Re: License Exemptions
« on: January 17, 2014, 10:07:18 AM »
Nobody would use GM either, when they have in fact threatened to sue developers before for their games. Remember the iOS decompiler? Did they or did they not threaten people who were using it to publish to iOS stores? Because last time I checked it was definitely them, and they certainly love stiffling indie development. Just like they love destroying paid customers projects.

Off-Topic / Re: Where YoYoGame Shines and where ENIGMA lacks!
« on: January 17, 2014, 10:05:30 AM »
What are you some kind of paid troll? YoYoGames has destroyed GM, say all you want about ENIGMA having incomplete features, it never fucking corrupted anybodies projects!

All they do is add more shitty features and more shitty bugs. Everything they've added is half ass their manual is full of grammatical errors, some of it is written as if the person has no idea how the functions even work. Why? Because of YYG's lack of communication. You can take for instance the 3D editable examples section over there, they killed that, the only good post in some time is a baked shadow example for GM8 and before that a vertex buffer example by one of the staff members showing how to draw basic shapes.

They broke the extension system making it completely incompatible with older GM versions, effectively killing every major extension when they killed GM API. Some of the functions are deprecated but large sets of them will say they are, but they actually aren't, so much so that nobody knows wth to think. The new IDE for Studio is sooo god damn buggy you can't even maximize the thing right, shit glitches like fucking crazy, and is also not backwards compatible with older Studio projects, the GMK importer never works right, you can even ask TKG he sent me some of his GMK's I've imported that were broken as crazy but fine in GM8, even YYG admitted it when they removed the GMK exporter.

Then they are so bold as to even charge 800$ for the steaming pile of shit, which I have yet to see one game come out of there that actually effectively utilizes any of the new features. They were even bolder, to go and copy and paste Unity3D's website, to market the product! Think they stand a chance against real competitors like ENIGMA? Think again, because they are going to get curb stomped.

People using GM Studio misuse the compiler......The majority of the newbie crap people make over there does not even warrant a compiler.  Unless your game is compute intensive (AI) / CPU why bother ?  The YYC compiler will do no good otherwise.  Most games could be exported without the YYC and still run at decent frame rates.  Most of the issues can be worked around.
Exactly, anything that was CPU intensive could be done through extensions. It was perfect the way it was execute_string was not really "bad coding" at all, it made it simplistic as ever to debug games. It used to be perfect for noobs, now they just have some half assed game engine like all the rest, everything that made GM great is destroyed.