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Yes Darkstar is right, the issue is still there, and we need to find a fix because it will affect other things in the future.

Quote from: TheExDeus
Nothing is wrong with nvidia. They are the only ones who care about OpenGL in the first place. Also, by Steam data 50% have Nvidia and 30% have AMD, which is contrary to what you mentioned. AMD is in consoles though, but Nvidia is actually the only one of the two going into Android and other markets. Nvidia is even in cars now. And spacecraft. I personally like Nvidia as a company and their products, but I have nothing against AMD either.
Sorry Harri, I was talking about Linus Torvalds, it's been a while since I heard that talk so excuse me. I don't have any statistics or facts to refute you or verify my claims, and I'm not going to bother because it's irrelevant anyway.

Quote from: Darkstar2
Previous to this topic Robert and I were working on finding offsets that worked for the both of us, we played with bigger offsets and even followed hardware recommendations and it resulted in me getting good results and Robert getting bad ones and 1px gaps at the seams of scrolling, so we could not find a range that worked for both of us 100%  What first started as a font only issue is now having to work a fix that will not break something else including scrolling which the previous offsets / fixes did affect !
Yes, but important to note here Darkstar, me and you used that method to solve blurry text in Direct3D and it worked, there is no problem with Direct3D text at all now. Isn't that amazing? OpenGL is the one proving to be a bitch to fix, and it's not their fault, it's the graphics card manufacturers who make standard implementations of Direct3D and seem to molest OGL.

Quote from: Darkstar2
In cars, yikes, if that's the case then where it normally should say turn left on exit 1, would say instead turn left on exit 11.  lol!
This actually made me laugh.

Yes as onpon just said, I guess we should just create a dummy instance for the scope.

Programming Help / Re: EDL & ENIGMA functions, syntax etc.
« on: June 05, 2014, 02:19:17 AM »
Thank you guys for assisting edsquare, there's a lot of material on the wiki, some of it you have to dig for, but I still don't understand why people have such a hard time finding the function pages. It's literally just documentation, functions instead of actions, and bam you're there.

edsquare, how did you see the drag and drop actions but not the functions?

Off-Topic / Re: Echo of the Wilds
« on: June 05, 2014, 02:17:01 AM »
Wow, you're right the text is pretty bad, I'm surprised they don't review stuff before publishing it. They probably just copy and pasted the developer verbatim.

Now, anyway, this was a good job Darkstar, we now have a better idea of where the issue occurs and where it does not. Is that AMD card it occurred on x86 or x64?

So go use one then I won't stop you. You have a thousand choices with more permissive licenses, less buggy, and well designed.

I've provided nothing but suggestions offered by the graphics API developers, the card manufacturers and their affiliates (Microsoft). Maybe they should go back to the drawing board or offer developers some better fucking solutions. This pissing contest attitude of Nvidia is why they are having problems pushing their shit cards into Android and other markets. I'll be glad to see their demise.

Can you people stop with the sarcastic remarks? Like seriously, if you think you know it so well, then implement the fix. But right now we only know two things.

1) It doesn't occur on AMD, someone with an AMD card prove me wrong if otherwise.
2) It occurs on Nvidia cards, which is nothing tangible to me.

Stop sticking words down my throat, and stop berating my intelligence with dumb fallacies. It's pretty evident multi-billion dollar companies [sic] make mistakes too, otherwise they wouldn't release updates and patches to their own fucking drivers.

Announcements / Timelines Implemented
« on: June 04, 2014, 01:31:52 AM »
That's right, timelines have been implemented by Seth N. Hetu (sorlok) in his quest to port Iji.

This was his pull request.
This was the discussion topic about the implementation.

You can get these changes via git or by downloading the new Portable ZIP.

Please test his changes and see how well everything works. And be sure to give him a round of applause for his contributions!


But unless you have a contact at NVIDIA you will never know for sure......  Graphic card issues is nothing new, some games in history have had issues with NVIDIA, some with AMD  etc.....
I will call them when I get time.

Darkstar2, I will update my pull request on GitHub with these changes to the source code if you answer some of my questions.

1) This doesn't break anything does it?
2) Please try your changes in the ortho projection function, INSIDE the engine, because that is ultimately where I have to place the fix and I need to know if it works the same there, should be no reason why it wouldn't.
3) Can you confirm this won't break anything else on my hardware?

This is all I really need to know, and you should also get someone to test on Intel, which I see you are doing.

But also, we need to look for finding a real fix to this. I am stumped by this and I don't understand why the issues are horizontal and not vertical.

If I have time I can also test this on my hp laptop, which also has an AMD card.

I still can't fucking believe this, moving the projection it is acting like you are moving the texture matrix. This just, should not be happening! It makes no sense.

Actually if the problem was with AMD we'd be killing 60%-70% since AMD has a larger market share than Nvidia, you are also forgetting about Intel.

That said, this problem still makes no fucking sense. I don't believe you guys are even having this problem, shifting the projection for you guys is like shifting the fucking texture matrix, it's insane!

How can this be ? I tested the shit on many systems with different drivers, different hardware and all had the 1:1 identical visuals.  So far this seems to be an issue for NVIDIA users so what, are you telling all NVIDIA users to just fuck off and wait for an official fix whenever that will happen if at all OR offer a solution as temporary as it may be that works for all
No I'm saying Nvidia sucks, AMD rules, and we'll find a fix once we better identify the problem.

I knew from the damn beginning this was a temporary fix, I would not have wasted my bloody time otherwise had I known offsets would not be accepted as even a temporary solution, why the fuck then did I go through all this ? if you never had intentions of using it !
I did and still do have intentions of using it, but you haven't even finished confirming it from all the other users in your other topic. So fucking relax, I try to make decisions which most people mutually agree to, so I'm just waiting to see other peoples thoughts.

Also font_add_sprite does work, it does not use external files, just like GM.
I just tested fundies game, and his sprite font works fine.

Issues Help Desk / Re: Can't rename a resource under linux KDE
« on: June 04, 2014, 12:43:52 AM »
ego, how would we go about just putting LGM back into focus? It seems as though that would be technically more correct.

General ENIGMA / Re: I made a install script for Ubuntu.
« on: June 04, 2014, 12:40:44 AM »
Awesome, maybe we can use your assistance when building a package for the software center.